History of the OTSM

By Al Myers

As promised in the USAWA Discussion Forum, I have completed a historical review of the USAWA Old Time Strongman Championships. Now the past history of EVERY Championship Event is recorded.  The below summary is now included in the History Archives on the website and will be updated every year with the new information from the annual Championships.

(Promoted by Eric Todd, KCSTRONGMAN Club)

9/10/2016 Eric Todd Turney, MO Abe Smith  Heather Gardner 10
9/26/2015 Eric Todd Turney, MO Denny Habecker  none 4
11/1/2014 Eric Todd Turney, MO Eric Todd Jenna Lucht 7
12/7/2013 Thom Van Vleck Kirksville, MO Eric Todd none 7
10/14/2012 Thom Van Vleck Kirksville, MO Chad Ullom Whitney Piper 7
10/16/2011 Thom Van Vleck Kirksville, MO Al Myers none 10

The USAWA OTSM Championships is always one of the best attended Championships in the USAWA every year.  One thing that I like about it is that it draws new competitors to the USAWA.  Several of these lifters much prefer the format of the OTSM compared to traditional All Round meets.  I want to take this time to make a pitch for this years OTSM Championships coming up on September 9th,  at ET’s House of Iron and Stone in Turney, MO.  Eric is the Chairman of the OTSM in the USAWA and has hosted the past three OTSM Championships.  ET always puts on a quality event so I HIGHLY recommend you enter.  He has picked 4 great OTSM lifts – the Hackenshmidt Floor Press, Thor’s Hammer, the Dumbbell to Shoulder, and the Kennedy Lift.  After the meet an exhibition OTSM lift will be tried out for the first time – the Lurich Lift.  If the response is good on the Lurich Lift it will be presented to the EB for new lift status.  So another good reason to attend – as you could be part of the beginning of a new USAWA lift!!