Ian Lynch Passes

by Steve Gardner

Ian Lynch - Former BAWG Member (pre IAWA(UK)) has passed away!

Ian Lynch – Former BAWG Member (pre IAWA(UK)) has passed away!

Some, long time IAWA (UK) Members will remember the old days of the BAWG. Before 1988 (when the BPA was formed) Ian Lynch used to compete with us in the BAWG, mainly in Powerlifting. Ian was a Mathematics specialist schoolteacher / University lecturer at Birmingham University and he lived at Tamworth in Staffordshire. He was a really nice chap, a good powerlifter and very good Bench Presser (at about 80 kilos his bench session consisted of 3×3 with 130 kilos…and that was it but he was good!) Ian came along and competed with our club at the Burton Powerhouse. The photo of Ian deadlifting is taken back at the original gym in 1986 or 1987. Ians name will always live on with us in Drug Free All Round Weightlifting, because he was the guy who invented the ‘Lynch Formula’ which is still used in all competitions to this date. Ian was only 59 years of age, a suprememly fit individual, he died in the gym, it seems he had a heart condition from birth that he knew nothing about. Another sad loss to the Drug Free Weightlifting community…but every time we use the Lynch Formula we will think of old Ian!