IAWA World Postal

by Al Myers


The late Andy Goddard performing a very difficult IAWA lift - the Middle Fingers Hack Lift.

Steve Gardner has just announced the details of the 2013 IAWA World Postal Meet.  Steve has been promoting the IAWA World Postal Championships for the past few years in memory of his good friend and training partner Andy Goddard.  I was very fortunate to have known Andy, and competed with him several times before his “too soon” departure.  He was an ALL ROUND GREAT GUY as well as a very good All Round Weightlifter.  I’m glad that this postal championship is dedicated to him, and I applaud Steve for keeping Andy’s memory alive by promoting this important IAWA event in his memory.

The three big promotions of IAWA are the IAWA World Championships, the IAWA Gold Cup, and this World Postal Championships.  Worlds and the Gold Cup requires traveling, but this Postal Champs can be done right in your own gym!  I think this meet is a very important one as it allows everyone the opportunity to compete in a big IAWA event no matter what your circumstances are.  It is also free to enter, so there are very few reasons as to not enter it!

The rules for this event are as follows (as outlined on the entry form):

This competition is open to all IAWA lifters, for teams of three, and individuals as well.  Teams may be a mix of open/masters/juniors/ladies, as well as all age and bodyweight allowances will figure in for the results.  No limit to the number of lifters, if a team or group enter more than three: the top three will form the team score.  A sheet caters or 5 lifters.  If you have two teams, then just copy, and use two sheets, etc.  All lifts must be officiated by  2 or 3 IAWA Referees (they should sign the score sheet).  YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE IN A TEAM.  Individuals may also take part in the competition as all rankings will be listed for age/weight classes.  Have fun lifting in the Annual “Andy Goddard” Memorial Competition.  Good luck.

Now for some added important information:

1. The date for entry is the END OF JULY.  Make sure your lifts are completed and sent to Steve by that time . 

2. The lifts chosen for this event are the Snatch -One Arm (with bar), the Pullover and Push, the Clean and Jerk, and the Deadlift. The One arm snatch and the P&P are USAWA official lifts and the rules are outlined in the USAWA rulebook.  The Clean and Jerk and the the Deadlift are IAWA lifts (not USAWA lifts).  However, the rules for these two lifts are outlined in the USAWA Rulebook under Section X. Rules of the Basic Movements.

3. If you live in the United States, you MUST be an USAWA member to participate.  Make sure to join before you lift in this postal championships or you will find that your lifts will not be recorded in the official scoresheet.

4. All lifts must be performed in the same day.  This is not specified in the event rules, but is a assumed rule of all postal meets. 

5. Please enter your results in kilograms in the scoresheet.  Steve would make the conversions for you – but the meet is scored in kilograms so enter them that way.

6.  Make sure you PRINT the names of the three officials used as well as having the officials sign the scoresheet.  For USAWA lifters, these officials must be active current certified USAWA officials.  Make sure to check their “status” on the website before assuming  they are current.

7.  As per any meet and as OUTLINED in the rulebook, you get three attempts.  These must be declared and adhered to.  You don’t just keep adding weight till you miss and take unlimited attempts.  That’s not the way a meet runs. The fourth block in the entry form is for an extra fourth attempt for record.

8.  Make sure to list all attempts on the entry form.  Circle the ones you make and cross thru the ones that are missed.

9.  Please write CLEARLY on the scoresheet, and fill out the scoresheet completely!

10.  Remember this postal championship is ran on the HONOR SYSTEM.  Be truthful in your efforts,  and feel good about giving your best performance in an honorable manner. If everyone does that – the future of this meet is strong.

ENTRY FORM – 2013 World Postal Entry