Interview with Scott Schmidt – Part 1

by Al Myers

Scott Schmidt performing a 107.5 KG Snatch at 228 pounds bodyweight at the National Masters Championships.

Al: Scott, please tell me a little about yourself.

Scott: Baby Boomer Scott Alan Schmidt was born 11-15-1952 in Cleveland, Ohio. I have lived in the Greater Cleveland Ohio area all my life. I was raised in a very competitive athletic environment, with 2 older and 1 younger brothers. Through out my Career in business, I have been employed as a Salesman. Most of my time has been in telecommunications sales. In addition to putting my efforts into providing for my wife, son, daughter, and now helping when I can with my  grandson, I also serve my church as council president.

Al: When did you start lifting weights?  Was there anyone who got you started? Who was an inspiration to you?

Scott: I was hooked on training with weights when I was 14 years old. A new neighbor moved in next door, and he had a York Olympic Set. He offered advice and old magazines for instruction, and I just loved working out to record my improvements! My neighbor, Al Steele, worked at a  Cleveland Steel Mill with Chuck Vinci,  2 time Olympic weightlifting Gold Medalist.They were good friends. Occasionally, Chuck would visit Al’s gym when I was there, and he would encourage this skinny 148 pounder to do good. 40 plus years later, Chuck happens to do his banking where my wife Kathy works. So we still stay in touch.Small world, huh?

Al: I know your lifting background is with Olympic Lifting. What are some of the awards you have won in Olympic Lifting?

Scott: I have been in many competitions since my first one in 1967. In my home State, Ohio, I have won the Open State Championship 10 times.  I have won the Masters State Championship 16 times. I have won 2 National Master’s Championships, 4 American Open Masters Championships, and 3 Pan American Masters Championships.  During the course of these events, I set Meet and National records at the competitions also.  I have also competed 4 times in the World Masters Weightlifting Championships.  My best result was a Third place finish in 1993.

Interview will be continued tomorrow.