Interview with Scott Schmidt – Part 2

by Al Myers

Scott Schmidt performing a 157.5 KG Clean and Jerk at the Ohio State Championships.

Al: When did you get started in All-Round Weightlifting?  Was there anyone responsible for introducing you to All-Round Weightlifting?

Scott: My first competition was the USAWA Winter Fest 2-15-92. Later that year, on 10-17-92, I was in the US Inlands meet. These were both held in the historic Ambridge Barbell Club.

I was first introduced to the sport in 1990 by Bob Karhan, past USAWA Champion and record holder, from Cleveland, Ohio. We both trained at the Westpark YMCA at t

he time. Since I was already in shape to move heavy iron, Bob encouraged me to try my strength on some new events. The Nationals wereheld in Akron, Ohio that year, but due to my Olympic style training schedule, I did not compete.

I did attend the meet, however and was able to coach Hall of Famer Jim Malloy with his lifts at his first All-Round competition.

Al: I know you have competed several times at the USAWA Nationals.  What have been some of your favorite meets?

Scott: I have fond memories of every one of them. They have all provided me with the opportunity to “bring out the beast in me”. I love to prepare for an event, then gain the satisfaction of putting up a goal breaking performance. Here’s a quick funny story. Good news? At the 2008 Nationals, I was mentally and physically ready to try my first 2000 pound hip lift. Bad news? They didn’t bring enough iron to accommodate me! They were able to locate 1800 pounds, and it did go up, at least!

Al: What are your favorite All-Round lifts and why?

Scott: My favorite All-Round lifts are: Overhead pressing and jerking events, gripping lifts, and hip and hand and thigh lifts. I haven’t posted a number yet, but I would love to try a back lift on the famous Al machine! The reason I consider these my favorites, is due to years of Olympic style training, I was able to make fast progress with these events. I strive to set the class record at what I am good at. Back in 1996, I was the first man in the USAWA to clean and push press 300 pounds. Made me happy!

Interview will be continued tomorrow.