Iron Warrior RD

By RJ Jackson


2017 USAWA Iron Warrior Gym Record Day (RD)

The Iron Warrior Gym RD provides opportunity for local lifters to contest USAWA lifts to include the upcoming 3rd Quarter and World Postals meet lifts. In addition to the Postal lifts, you are welcome to try any 5 lifts for record if there is equipment to support it. No awards.

Meet Directors: Jarrod Fobes, welcomematcolorado@gmail, Denver area.  RJ Jackson, strength_athlete@yahoo, Colorado Springs area.

Meet Date:  Sunday, August 27, 2017

Entry fee: $10 for use of the lifting facility

Entry deadline: If you plan on showing up, you must notify RJ if you plan on attending along with the names of the lifts you are attempting.

Divisions:  Open and Master for men and women

Location: Iron Warrior Gym,1630 West Evans Ave, Unit H., Denver CO 80110

Start Time: Weigh-ins 10:00 a.m., lifting immediately thereafter.

Sanction: USAWA ($25) membership is required.  Membership applications, rule book, score sheets, and Postal entry forms will be available.

Contact Iron Warrior Gym for available equipment. If the gym does not have the equipment you need, contact RJ who may have it.