It’s time to get your National Entry in

by Al Myers

JUNE 26 & 27, 2010

The deadline is approaching fast for this year’s USAWA National Championships, hosted by our USAWA President Denny Habecker.  The deadline is May 26th.  Please help Denny prepare by getting your entry in on time.  Considerable time and energy is spent in preparing for a competition like this, and a meet director needs to know how many competitors will attend so arrangements can be done accordingly. Planning for TShirts, awards, and food requirements have to be done way ahead of the meet date, so it is very important to get that entry in on time.  I know the USAWA has in the past been pretty lenient on this, but you never know, this year may be different if entry numbers are up.  Why take that chance??  Just fill out the entry form today and send it to Denny!

Denny had these words to share about this year’s upcoming Championships, ” I am looking forward to a great meet this year. I am expecting some very good new lifters this year, in addition to the great lifters from past years, which should make this a very good and exciting meet.  I hope every member that can make it will come and help make this the best meet ever. I know a lot of lifters liked the two day format, and the cookout in my yard after the meet will be very informal and I hope enjoyed by all.”

Below are the entry forms for this year’s National Championship:
2010 USAWA Nationals – info page