Jobe’s Steel Jungle RD

by Jesse Jobe

Jobe’s Steel Jungle Records Day

Jesse Jobe competing last month in the Battle in the Barn. Jesse and his club, Jobes Steel Jungle, plan to host their first USAWA function on May 20th.

Date: Sunday, May 20th

Start Time:10am-whenever we get done.

Entry Fee: none

This will be my first USAWA meet that I will be running, so I wanted it to be something fun and a little informal. I figured a records day would be the perfect opportunity to get some people to come and have a good time.

This will be in my personal gym at my home. We will be able to accommodate almost every type of lift except the heavy lifts.

Also if people are interested I would like to have a grill out after the lifting or during. So if you could bring something to drink or grill if you have a preference.

Advance notice that you plan on attending would be appreciated.

Contact: Jesse Jobe at