Jobe’s Superman Meet

by Jesse Jobe


Superman Meet

I have always been fascinated by all forms of lifting. And years ago I remember reading about some meets called Superman meets, where a lifter performed the Olympic lifts and the Powerlifting lifts for a Superman total.  I wanted to be able to stay as close as possible to the traditional lifts so the most logical step to me was to use an axle for all the lifts except the squat.  I think with an axle being used it will definitely limit what some people can clean and snatch, and with the bar being so stiff it will make the deadlift very interesting.

Meet Details:

Meet Director: Jesse Jobe and Jobe’s Steel Jungle

Date: September 15th

Location: Jobe’s Residence 3448 ave. B Council Bluffs, IA 51501

Divisions: Juniors, Masters, Women, and Open.

Rules: USAWA rules and scoring apply to all lifts.  Drug testing rules apply.


Clean and Jerk – Fulton Bar        
Snatch – Fulton Bar
12” Base Squat
Fulton Bar Bench Press
Deadlift – Fulton Bar

Weigh in: 10:00am to 11:00 day of meet

Lifting: 11:00 am

Entry fee: 20$

Awards: Trophies for top 3 in the overall, Medals for all other top 3. If there are enough Women entered I will do a top 3 for that also. I will also be hosting a BBQ after the meet which will be included with the entry fee.

ENTRY FORM (PDF): Superman Meet Entry Form