Joe Ciavattone Sr.

by Al Myers

Joe and his sons at the 2010 IAWA Gold Cup displaying their Championship Trophies. Pictured left to right: Jonathon, Joe Sr., and Joe Jr.

One of the very exciting things that I accomplished at the 2010 IAWA Gold Cup in Walpole, Massachusetts was interviewing Joe Ciavattone Sr. for his USAWA Hall of Fame Biography.  Joe was inducted into “the hall” in 1996.  One of my goals for this website was to  give recognition to ALL USAWA Hall of Fame members by including biographies on each of them.  So far I have 16 bios out of the 22 HOF members.  The ones I still need are for Ed Zercher, Noi Phumchaona, Chris Waterman, Bob Hirsh, Rex Monahan, and Bill DiCioccio.

I had a great time visiting with Joe and his involvement throughout the years with the USAWA.  His passion for All-Round Weightlifting is evident when talking with him – and just watching him get excited when his sons pulled out big lifts at the Gold Cup was a highlight for me.

The blog below contains Joe Ciavattone’s  USAWA Hall of Fame Biography.  Enjoy!