John’s Birthday RD

by John McKean

John’s Birthday Record Day
Turning 70 -Easy as Apple pie !

John McKean enjoyed some homemade apple pie on his 70th birthday!

John McKean enjoyed some homemade apple pie on his 70th birthday!

Due to expected December snowstorms, I’d confided to Art Montini, “we’ll probably only have 2 lifters attending my birthday meet- you & me- and I might not be able to make it!!” But the weather looked more like Art’s October meet, than one held during Christmas week! Heck , if travel weather was to be a big factor, I’m still wondering how Dean Ross made an over 19 hour one-way drive to beat me to my own contest!!

Yep, Dean continues his quest to more & more records, and did superbly with an energetic 8 new marks, despite summoning even more energy in returning to the road immediately for the repeat 19+ hour drive and an 8AM start for work in the morning!! Next in was Stephen Santangelo, all the way from northern Kentucky, with a present of an absolutely wonderful, natural organic apple pie, which his lovely wife (and fantastic cook!!) Lori had baked for the occasion EVERYBODY dove into this tasty, nutritional treat – Denny Habecker arrived from across state and didn’t even pocket his keys or take off his coat before he was chowing down on a piece of this large pie!! Thanks, Lori, for such a great birthday gift – this “brunch” made the meet, for all of us!!

Next in came the Cleveland crowd – Scott Schmidt and his ever smiling wife, then Denny Mitchell and Flossy, all amazed at easy travel through our normal snow belt! Both Scott & Dennis enjoyed this chance at another record day, since Art’s meet right after the World’s had left little training prep time in October. As Scott cheerfully exclaimed. “Wow, it’s so cool that we actually have another shot at records, with real training time behind it!”

Old Art Montini did a single lift with each of 5 lifts, acquiring an easy new 5 world records. And Stephen Santangelo treated us to a rarely seen “Saxon Snatch”, among others, with his specially built (and approved) equipment.

We all left the gym at a little past noon, despite all the chalk dust we had left flying! Outside it was bright sun and blue skies, and warming, with clear roads for travel. Now that it’s all over and done,” let it snow!!” Merry Christmas, all !


John’s 70th Birthday Records Day
Ambridge VFW Barbell Club
Duss Ave  Ambridge, PA
Dec 20, 2015

Officials (3-official system used: Denny Habecker, Scott Schmidt, Dennis Mitchell, Art Montini, John McKean


Dennis Mitchell  age 83 weight 151.5 div 80+,70K
1″bar left hand vertical bar deadlift 56 pounds
1″bar right hand vertical bar deadlift 56 #
left hand one arm Ciavattone deadlift 93#
right hand one arm Ciavattone deadlift 93#
stiff leg deadlift 150#

John McKean age 70 weight 165 div 70+, 75K
Straddle deadlift 2″ barbell 260 pounds
Hack lift 2″ barbell 210#
Power Row 174#
Trap Bar Deadlift 300#
Jefferson (Straddle lift) 259#
2 barbells deadlift 260#
one arm (R) barbell deadlift 209#
one arm (L) barbell deadlift 209#
right one arm dumbbell deadlift 175#
Alternate grip bench press 115#
Bench Press feet in air 120#

Stephen R Santangelo age 63 weight 166 div 60+, 80K
Fulton bar snatch 85 pounds
No thumb overhand deadlift  285#
No thumbs deadlift 305#
Saxon Snatch  80#
Dumbbell Walk 77#

Art Montini age 88 weight 174 div 85+, 80K
Little fingers straddle lift 45 pounds
Index fingers straddle lift 60#
ring fingers straddle lift 70 #
middle fingers straddle lift 88#
2″ barbell straddle lift 135#

Denny Habecker age 73 weight 195 div 70+ , 90K
Bench press hands together  135 pounds
Bench Press Fulton bar 170#
Deadlift 12″ base 265#

Scott Schmidt age 63 weight 231 div 60+, 105K
Right hand 2″ vertical bar deadlift 85K
Left hand 2″ vertical bar deadlift 85K
2 hand 2″ vertical bar deadlift 135K
French Press 55K
Bent over (power) Row 115K

Dean Ross age 73 weight 254.5 div 70+, 120K
Rectangular fix Fulton Bar 50 pounds
Holdout Fulton bar lowered 50#
Holdout Fulton bar raised 50#
Straddle deadlift 2″ bar 210 pounds
Deadlift 2″ bar  260#
Ciavattone Fulton bar deadlift  170#
Left hand Fulton bar deadlift 80#
Right hand Fulton bar deadlift 80#