By Eric Todd


The turnout was small, but it was an outstanding day of lifting and telling stories with some old friends. Results are as follows:

Date: June 3, 2017

Meet Director: Eric Todd

Location: ET’s house of Iron and Stone

Certified officials: Eric Todd and Lance Foster (The one official system was used on all lifts)

Loaders: Lance Foster, Dean Ross, Chris Todd, Eric Todd

All lifts are recorded in pounds

Lifter: Dean Ross, Male
Bodyweight: 231
Weight Class: 105
Age: 74
Age Division: 70

Lateral Raise-Lying 52
Lateral Raise-Standing 42
Finger Lift Thumb-left 40
Finger Lift Thumb-Right 40
Deadlift, Fulton Dumbbell Left Hand 82


Lifter: Lance Foster-male
Bodyweight: 335
Weight Class: 125+
Age: 51
Age Division: 50

Deadlift Dumbbell Right 201
Deadlift, Reeves 230
Snatch, Dumbbell right 60


Lifter: Eric Todd-Male
Bodyweight: 251
Weight class: 115
Age: 42
Age Division: 40

Bench Press Fulton Bar 340
Crucifix 148
Holdout Raised 85
Holdout Lowered 95
Lateral Raise Standing 100