Kids in the USAWA

by Al Myers

Gabby Jobe competed in her first USAWA competition last month at my Dino Gym Records Day.

There has been discussion recently in the USAWA Discussion Forum about lifters who have kids that also lift.  Several of these kids have lifted in the USAWA.  In our sport of All Round Lifting, that has been a common thing throughout the years.  Lifters whose kids get involved because of their  parent’s encouragement. 

At the Dino Gym Record Day last month, Gabby Jobe performed several record lifts.  I was very impressed with her focus and obvious training time she had done to perfect the lifts she was attempting.  I could tell her Dad and coach, Jesse, did an excellent job of preparing her for the competition. Her performance made me to think of the other “great” youth lifters that have lifted in the USAWA.  I would like to take todays story and remember some of the best lifting youth the USAWA has had in it’s 25 year history. Let’s start at the top with the lifter who holds the MOST JUNIOR RECORDS and work down the list to include the top 20 Junior Record Holders. 

1. Joshua Monk – 95 records
2. Robbie McKean – 79 records
3.  Jeff Ciavattone – 73 records
4.  Sean McKean – 68 records
5. Misty Fritz – 58 records
6. Joe Ciavattone Jr. – 47 records
6. Cale Demille – 47 records
6.  Kohl Hess – 47 records
9.  Elizabeth Monk – 46 records
10.  Kyle Calcote – 44 records
11.  Abe Smith – 39 records
12.  Frank Ciavattone III – 36 records
13.  Molly Myers – 35 records
14. Adam Geib – 34 records
14.  James Loewer – 34 records
16.  Mike O’Brien – 33 records
17.  Jon Blockston – 31 records
17.  Jeremiah Schmidt – 31 records
19.  Kirstie Griffis – 29 records
20.  Jonathon Ciavattone – 26 records