Lance Foster – new Level 2

By Al Myers

Lance Foster lifting in the 2016 IAWA Gold Cup.

Lance Foster lifting in the 2016 IAWA Gold Cup.

Big news on the USAWA Officials front today – we have a new LEVEL 2 Official in the USAWA.  A big congrats goes to Lance Foster for achieving this officiating milestone. After all, it’s not an easy thing to accomplish.  To become a Level 2 Official (the highest ranking of officials in the USAWA) it takes passing the Rules Test and having officiated over 25 USAWA competitions/events.  That’s not something you can achieve in a couple of years!  Lance has been officiating in the USAWA for over 10 years, doing 2 to 3 competitions per year. So you can see that it’s been a  longterm commitment for him.

Now since Lance is a Level 2 Official he is an official for life in the USAWA.  That’s the prize for advancing to the tops of the official ranks in the USAWA!

Again, congratulations Lance!