Lifter of the Month: Eric Todd

by Al Myers

Eric Todd performing the Hip Lift that won him BEST LIFTER at the 2012 USAWA Heavy Lift Championships.

Since I’ve started this monthly award last month, I better continue it!  However, I am finding that this is going to be an ongoing difficult process as there seems to be several “worthy candidates”!  But this month the award goes to Eric Todd because of his big overall victory at the 2012 USAWA Heavy Lift Championships at Bowling Green.  Despite the great individual performances at Jobes Steel Jungle Record Days, a championship triumphs any record day, so it is only fitting that ET is crowned the LIFTER OF THE MONTH for May, 2012. 

Eric not only won the Heavy Lift Show, but he did it in record fashion.  His 905 pound Neck Lift is bound to make the “top ten” lifts of the year for 2012.  Also, his victory puts him on a “short list” of past USAWA Heavy Lift Champions.  This meet in the past has been dominated by just a few individuals – Steve Schmidt, Joe Garcia, and Frank Ciavattone. 

Also figuring into my decision was the manner in which ET won the meet.  It wasn’t easy for him – and came down to getting his last attempt on the Hip Lift to make it possible.  The weight (2075#) was more than he had ever attempted in the Hip – but his focus and great preparation allowed him to be successful with it.  Congrats ET – for being the LIFTER OF THE MONTH for May, 2012.