I.A.W.A (UK) –  This is the organization for drug-free all-round weightlifting in the United Kingdom.

All-Round Weightlifting Western Australia Incorporated – This is the organization that oversees All-Round Weightlifting in Australia.

The Association of Oldetime Barbell & Strongmen This organization celebrates the history of old-time weightlifters and strongmen by hosting an annual banquet. You will receive a quarterly newsletter with membership.


Strongman Steve Schmidt – This website features Steve Schmidt, and his accomplishments in bar bending, teeth lifting, and heavy lifts.

Durniat Strength – This website features Andrew Durniat and his accomplishments in kettlebell competitions, grip competitions, and about anything else strength related!


Old Time Strongman Training and Physical Culture – This website by John Wood focuses on the training methods of old time strongmen.  It also provides classic strongman books and equipment for sale.

Dale Harder’s Strength and Speed Newsletter – This is a monthly newsletter covering weightlifting and strength related sports.  Often, it contains information regarding All-Round Weightlifting.

Discussion Forums

Natural Strength Inner Circle ( – Bob Whelan’s drug free weight training and iron game forum.