Member Club Certificates

By Al Myers

We have several very active registered clubs in the USAWA.  A goal of mine that I had when I became secretary of the USAWA and director of this website was to strengthen our club program.  The reason for that is that I believe clubs are vital for the growth and survival of the organization.  Active clubs do more USAWA promotions and recruit more lifters to All Round Weightlifting. Lifting in a club environment encourages lifters to be more involved, as well as enjoying the camaraderie of training together. Lifters that are members of clubs with  senior members have huge advantages by having proper coaches.

I keep a current list of Member Clubs on this website. It’s located under “About Us” in the top header. Right now for 2017 we have 8 clubs registered. This is the list, which I’m going to list in order of number of years as a registered club of the USAWA.

1. Clark’s Championship Gym (1989-2017) 29 YEARS
2. Ambridge VFW Barbell Club (1993-2017) 25 YEARS
3. Dino Gym (2003-2017) 15 YEARS
4. Frank’s Barbell Club (2010-2017) 8 YEARS
5. Habecker’s Gym (2010-2017) 8 YEARS
6. Schmidt Barbell Club (2010-2017) 8 YEARS
7. Ledaig Heavy Athletics (2010-2017) 8 YEARS
8. Heartland Strength Sports (2009-2010, 2016-2017) 4 YEARS

I’m still waiting on a couple clubs to register for 2017 (JWC and KC Strongman) as they have been registered the past few years. I know their memberships will be coming in any day now….hint….hint…

I just spent some time making and putting Club Certificates on the website for these member clubs.  Simply print them off and hang them on the wall of the gym to show your support for the USAWA!