Member Clubs

There are several clubs registered as club members of the USAWA. The following is a list of current active clubs registered for 2018. Club Membership Applications are found in the “Forms and Applications” section on the upper left side of the website, under USAWA Information. Each USAWA Club is eligible to win the annual Club of the Year Award, presented at the Annual National Meeting. The clubs that were registered in 2017 but have NOT YET renewed their club membership for 2018 are marked with an asterisk.

Current USAWA Member Clubs For 2018

Al’s Dino Gym – (2003-2018)
Location: Abilene, Kansas
Contact: Al Myers
Club Certificate (PDF) – Dino Gym

Ambridge VFW Barbell Club – (1993-2018)
Location: Ambridge, Pennsylvania
Contact: Art Montini
Club Certificate (PDF) – Ambridge BBC

Clark’s Championship Gym – (1989-2018)
Location: Columbia, Missouri
Contact: Bill Clark
Club Certificate (PDF) – Clarks Gym

Frank’s Barbell Club – (2010-2018)
Location: Walpole, Massachusetts
Contact: Frank Ciavattone
Club Certificate (PDF) – Franks Barbell Club

Habecker’s Gym – (2010-2018)
Location: Lebanon, Pennsylvania
Contact: Denny Habecker
Club Certificate (PDF) – Habeckers Gym

*Heartland Strength Sports – (2009-2010, 2016-2017)
Location: Omaha, Nebraska
Contact: Mary McConnaughey
Club Certificate (PDF) – Heartland Strength Sports

*Jackson Weightlifting Club – (2009-2017)
Location: Kirksville, Missouri
Contact: Thom Van Vleck
Club Certificate –  Jackson WL Club

KC Strongman – (2011-2018)
Location: Turney, Missouri
Contact:  Eric Todd
Club Certificate –  KC Strongman

*Ledaig Heavy Athletics – (2010-2017)
Location: Winfield, Kansas
Contact: Dave Glasgow
Club Certificate – Ledaig Heavy Athletics

Schmidt Barbell Club – (2010-2018)
Location: Westlake, Ohio
Contact: Scott Schmidt
Club Certificate (PDF) – Schmidt Barbell Club

Past Club of the Year Award Winners

2016 Club of the Year – Frank’s Barbell Club, Runner Up – Habecker’s Gym
2015 Club of the Year – Dino Gym, Runner Up – Habecker’s Gym
2014 Club of the Year – Frank’s Barbell Club, Runner Up – Ledaig Heavy Athletics
2013 Club of the Year – Dino Gym, Runner Up – Habecker’s Gym
2012 Club of the Year – Ledaig Heavy Athletics, Runner Up – Salvation Army Gym
2011 Club of the Year – Dino Gym, Runner Up – Ledaig Heavy Athletics
2010 Club of the Year – Habecker’s Gym, Runner Up – Ambridge VFW BBC
2009 Club of the Year – Dino Gym, Runner Up – Ambridge VFW BBC

Former  Clubs of the USAWA

Cast Iron Training – (2015)
Salvation Army Gym – (2012-2014)
Atomic Athletic – (2011-2012)
Bob’s Lifting News – (1997-2003)
Braveheart WLC – (2000-2003)
Jobe’s Steel Jungle – (2012-2013)
Joe’s Gym – (2002, 2010-2013)
Jump Stretch – (2002-2003)
M&D Triceratops – (2011-2013)
Movement Minneapolis – (2011-2012)
New England All-Rounders -(1993-1999, 2004-2007)
Olympic Health Club Cleveland – (2001)
Powerzone – (2000-2007)
Prechtel’s AC – (1991-2004)
SE Pennsylvania – (2005)
Team Cramer (2011-2012)
Valley Forge WLC – (1989-1995)