Middle Atlantic Postal

by Al Myers


I just received the meet results for the 2nd quarter postal meet results for the USAWA Postal Series from the USAWA Postal Meet Director John Wilmot.  Congratulations to Orie Barnett for being the BEST LIFTER.  The turnout for this postal meet was a little less than previous ones, but the month of June presents many conflicts for people (with summer vacation plans and other competitions).  I know this was the reason I didn’t get my lifts in – I was busy getting ready for the USAWA Nationals and then I had a business trip right at the end of the month.  The deadline entry date passed before I could get my lifts done! 

Meet Results:

Middle Atlantic Postal Meet
June 30th, 2011

Meet Director:  John Wilmot

Lifts:  Clean and Press – Reverse Grip, Cheat Curl – Dumbbell, One Arm, Continental to Chest and Jerk

Officials: (1 official system used for all lifters)

Lifters using a Certified USAWA Offical:

Kohl Hess – Official Denny Habecker

Lifters using a judge who is not an USAWA Official:

Denny Habecker – Judge Kohl Hess
Orie Barnett – Judge Sam Rogers
John Wilmot – Judge Kay Wilmot

Lifter Age BWT Press Curl C&J Total Points
Orie Barnett 50 230 183 95-R 225 503 462.1
Denny Habecker 68 191 110 75-R 132 317 375.5
Kohl Hess 17 315 154 85-? 198 437 326.8
John Wilmot 64 221 115 60-R 125 300 317.2

NOTES:  BWT is bodyweight in pounds.  All lifts recorded in pounds. Total is total pounds lifted.  Points are points adjusted for age and corrected for bodyweight using the Lynch Formula.