More on Knee Sleeves

by Al Myers

In today’s blog,  the IAWA President Steve Gardner revealed a poll concerning the use of knee sleeves in the IAWA, of which the USAWA is a part of internationally.  This issue was brought forward at the USAWA National Meeting in Las Vegas, and a motion was made and passed to refer it the IAWA Technical Committee to evaluate the “pros and cons” of it before presentation at the IAWA World Meeting in Salina this fall, for the IAWA membership to vote and decide.  I felt this was the right move, as I have said, this issue is WAY BIGGER than the USAWA, and ALL countries should have a vote in it.  If the USAWA allowed knee sleeves while everyone else in the IAWA didn’t, USAWA lifters would be lifting with different rules at the IAWA competitions.  And what about World IAWA records?  It would technically make all USAWA events not eligible for World Record consideration if the USAWA allowed knee wraps while the “rest of the World” didn’t. 

I feel the IAWA Technical Committee is doing the right thing here in polling all members of the organization in their feelings on this issue.  That way, it is clear how the membership feels as a whole, not just the membership that is present at the World Meeting.  This makes this poll very important.  Also, this is not an absolute vote for or against the use of knee sleeves, but just a poll to determine how the majority feels.  That way at the meeting the voting membership present will know the true overall feelings of the IAWA membership in helping decide how to vote. 

Steve included a form to fill out and send in.  If you just prefer to email me your opinion on this that is acceptable, even if you are neutral.  I have printed off the membership roster and will mark “yes or no” beside your name.   This is one poll that your vote counts – so if you have feelings on this issue please send me your vote.  I hope to get at least responses from over half the membership.   I will take non-responses as one of two ways – you don’t care one way or the other, or as Bill used to say in his Strength Journal, you are a lifter who is either “DEAD and/or COMATOSE”.

I also welcome commentaries from lifters who have strong feelings one way or the other on this issue.  Please send your comments to me and I will run them on the website.  Take this as an opportunity to lobby for your cause!!!

REMEMBER – the deadline for this poll is the first of September.