National Championship

by Al Myers



For the first time in a long time, the venue of the upcoming National Championship was not selected at the National Meeting.  It was voted to be left up to the USAWA Executive Board to “line up a venue” for our organizations most prestigious meet of the year.  This will be only the second time the USAWA Executive Board also served as a Meet Director.  The first was the 2011 Heavy Lift Championships held in York last spring which was overwhelmingly successful.  Lets hope this “second time around” will top the first.

Now to the big announcement for the 2012 USAWA National Championships – IT WILL BE HELD IN LAS VEGAS ON JUNE 30th, 2012.   Yes, that’s right – Las Vegas!!!  John Broz, of Average Broz’s Gym, has graciously allowed us to use his gym’s facilities for the day so we can host our big meet.  John is a very seasoned Olympic lifter and coach, and has been around serious weightlifting his entire life.  He has a great gym set up for hardcore lifting.  Plenty of room, plenty of iron, numerous platforms – so pretty much everything we need to have a FIRST CLASS CHAMPIONSHIPS.   All we need to do is show up with awards and meet T-shirts, and plenty of lifters to lift.  It doesn’t get any better than that!  I also want to mention that this coming year (2012) is a very big year for the USAWA.  This Nationals will mark the 25th anniversary of our organization.  It is only appropriate that we celebrate this occasion with having our National Championships in a “destination location”, of which Vegas is perfect for.  I wouldn’t be surprised if our turnout is bigger than normal for this Championships, because all it takes for me is an excuse to go to Vegas, and this serves perfectly.  I have been to a powerlifting meet once in Vegas years ago, and I still remember that trip as one of my favorite meet trips.

We (the Executive Board) plan to organize several group activities for any lifters who want to participate following the meet.  Details of these activities will become available at a later date when they are decided upon.  We will also pick a host hotel so we can all stay at the same place.  I plan to look into providing  travel arrangements for the lifters to the meet from the hotel.  The details of this will also come at a later date.   I plan to have several “special awards” to present on top of our regular yearly awards.  This will make this meet all that more memorable.   My advice is to mark this day on your calendar and take some days off for vacation right now because this is a USAWA National Championship you will not want to miss!


2012 USAWA National Championships
Saturday, June 30th
Average Broz’s Gym, Las Vegas, Nevada


Clean and Jerk – One Arm
Curl – Reverse Grip
Pullover and Press
Hack Lift – One Arm
Jefferson Lift

FOR ENTRY FORM (PDF): 2012 National Championships Entry Form