Odds and Ends

by Al Myers

Membership Renewals

As of now, all individual memberships and club memberships need to be sent to me and not to Bill Clark.  Memberships run for the calendar year (first of January to end of December) and are required to participate in any USAWA event or competition. Make sure to fill out, sign, and send in the Drug Waiver with your membership application.  I will be keeping a current membership roster on the website.  This membership roster will replace membership cards.

Rule Books for Sale

The USAWA has Rule Books available for sale. Contact me if you want one.  A Rule Book costs $30 which includes postage.  Make checks payable to the USAWA. The Rule Book is available for free on the website – but by the time you print one out and use up half a color printer cartridge and get it bound you will have about this much money in one.  The USAWA is selling these Rule Books AT COST!!

USAWA National Postal Competition

Don’t forget the month of December is the month to do the National Postal Competition.  John Wilmot is hosting this postal event again and lets make it a big success for him. I have heard that awards will be sent to the winners this year for it!! What a good deal – no charge to enter and possibly win an award!! Entry forms are available in the event calendar.

Ullom gets “dropped” by the Shoulder Drop

Last weekend at the JWC Record Day, Chad Ullom apparently misunderstood the rules for the Shoulder Drop.  He thought not only the bar must drop – but the lifter as well!!   Check it out in this video – YouTube Video

USAWA Daily News

I want the USAWA Daily News to be for EVERYBODY!  If you have an interesting story, training article, or just want your voice to be heard please write something up and send it to me. I’ll include your story in the Daily News and even give you the credit!

Bill Clark’s Column in the Columbia Daily Tribune

As most of you know, Bill Clark writes several weekly columns for the Columbia Daily Tribune.  Recently, he wrote a column about his involvement with weightlifting during the last 50 years in Columbia, Missouri. Very interesting!  To read it – Click Here

The USAWA on Facebook

Chad Ullom has created an USAWA Facebook page for the purpose of everyone contributing their pictures from various competitions to it.  This will allow everyone to “share” pictures. There are already over 100 pictures on this Facebook Page.  To see this Facebook page – Click Here

USAWA Video Page

I am currently working on developing a website page that will contain videos of various All-Round lifts.  I plan on making it available when I reach 25 videos – and I’m not there yet.  I need help!!  Please send me any videos or links to a videos so I can put them on this page.  The videos must be of official USAWA lifts that are done according to USAWA rules.

Website Registration

Please take the time to register for the USAWA Website. You do not need to be an USAWA member to be registered for the site.  This is my “e-mailing list” for direct emails concerning the USAWA.  You also need be be registered with the website to have access to the Membership Roster and the USAWA Discussion Forum.