Officials List & Rules Test

The following is a list of all current USAWA Certified Officials. All competitions or events require a certified official in order for records to be set or broken.  The USAWA rules require officials to be current USAWA members to be active officials.  Lapse of current membership does not result in the loss of certification.  The officials marked with an asterisk (*) indicate that they are not current USAWA members, and until their membership is current they can not participate in an USAWA event/meet as an active official.

Level 2 USAWA Certified Officials
These officials have passed the USAWA Rules Test AND have the experience of officiating in 25 or more competitions.

Denny Habecker – Lifetime Certification
Bill Clark – Lifetime Certification
Joe Garcia – Lifetime Certification
Dennis Mitchell – Lifetime Certification
Frank Ciavattone Jr. – Lifetime Certification
Al Myers – Lifetime Certification
Jim Malloy – Lifetime Certification
Barry Bryan – Lifetime Certification
* Joe Ciavattone Sr. – Lifetime Certification
Chad Ullom – Lifetime Certification
Thom Van Vleck – Lifetime Certification
Scott Schmidt – Lifetime Certification
Eric Todd – Lifetime Certification
LaVerne Myers – Lifetime Certification
Lance Foster – Liftetime Certification

Level 1 USAWA Certified Officials
These officials have passed the USAWA Rules Test & Practical Training  OR have the experience of officiating in 25 or more competitions.

Level 1 – Test Qualified

* Mary McConnaughey – Certification expires January 16th, 2019
* Dave Glasgow – Certification expires July 16th, 2019
Jeff Ciavattone – Certification expires July 16th, 2019
* Rocky Morrison – Certification expires September 20th, 2019
RJ Jackson – Certification expires June 26th, 2020
* Jarrod Fobes – Certification expires June 26th, 2020

Level 1 – Experience Qualified

Art Montini – Certification expires June 26th, 2019
* John McKean – Certification expires October 12th, 2020

USAWA Officials in Training

* Collin Cortez – Passed Rules Test on July 15th, 2017


If you are interested in becoming an USAWA Official, the first step is to pass the Rules Test.  This is an open book exam over the rules in the Rule Book. There is no time limit in taking the test or limit on the number of times you may take the test. You must have a score over 90% to pass. The following is the Rules Test in different formats.  Please answer the questions fully.  If a answer is a yes/no answer with exceptions, explain the exception.


Word Document (New): RULES TEST

Word Document (97-03): RULES TEST


Joe Garcia is the USAWA Officials Director. All completed Rules Tests are to be sent to him for grading. The completed rules test may be mailed or emailed to Joe. He will notify you with a pass or fail response. You will NOT be given the questions you missed or answers to any failed responses.

Joe Garcia
PO Box 302
DeWitt, IA 52742


After passing the Open Book Rules Test, the next step is to complete three practical training sessions. This process requires an applicant to officiate unofficially alongside a Level 2 official in the One Official System, or judge officially in the Three Official System in three competitions within a year. A combination of using either of these two systems is allowed in order to fulfill the three practical training sessions.  If judging as part of the Three Official System is used, the other two officials must be certified officials, of which one must be a Level 2 official.  A practical training session form will be available for the applicant to document this process.  A Level 2 official must provide authorization that the applicant was competent as an official by signing the form after each event. The same Level 2 official may provide authorization on all practical training sessions for an applicant.  It is the applicant’s responsibility to submit this form to the Officials Director Joe Garcia once completed in order to apply for official certification.

Practical Training Session Form (pdf) – USAWA Practical Training Session Form

Once this form has been approved,  the applicant will be approved as a USAWA Certified Official and placed on the officials list as a Level 1 Test Qualified Official.