Other Tributes to Howard

by Al Myers

I was truly impressed with all the comments made about Howard.  It shows what a great man he was and the  positive influence he had on so many people.


Howard Prechtel passed away 9/11/10 Those who had the privalege to compete on the same platform would know he was a great guy, a true lifter of iron, wounded badly in WW2 he had shrapnel in him his whole life. An early mover in USA all round w/tlifting, he invented the Gold Cup World Record Breakers, he was IAWA Int…. Pres. before myself, I was proud to have known him and followed in his footsteps! –  Steve Gardner

A Great man and friend.Frank Ciavattone

Makes me sad to hear he passed! He was a great guy and teacher! Howie you will be missed greatly! RIP!Cara Ciavattone Collins

True gentleman.always there to help you rip howardAndy Tomlins

I was saddend to hear of Howard passing away..He was an outstanding lifter and a wonderful mentor to all in the IAWA, he will truly be missed and never forgotten..a kind and gentle soulLori Ciavattone

I am very sad to hear the news. He was a star, gentleman and friend. I will not forget him.Graham Saxton

This really made me sad. I always referred to him as ‘Uncle Howie’ as he seemed like that favorite uncle that everyone has. Even though he wasn’t a chiro, how many of us did he adjust over the years at the meets with good results? He also reminded me of Jimmy Stewart, with his gentle, polite manner, and kind of deliberate thoughtful way of talking with you. I’ll always remember him and his clodhopper shoes when he went out on the lifting platform. You always felt good after being around him. Rest in Peace, Howard. Joe Garcia

I first met Howard at the 1993 IAWA World Championships in Boston. He came up to me after my first continental snatch and gave me some pointers, and went on to help me throughout the meet. He came over to England for the Gold Cup that year in Burton England. He used to have a disabled girl come and watch him train her name was Becky Summers. He said she had more grit and determination than anyone he had ever met. Sadly she passed away, and Howard created an award in her honour “The Becky Summers true grit award” I remember him telling everyone about her at the awards ceremony, then to my utter surprise awarded me the Becky Summers true grit award. That meant SO much to me. This great man, a war hero, a world champion weightlifter and founder of the IAWA Gold Cup, thought me worthy of this award. This trophy to this day is one on my most prized possessions. I went on to meet up with Howard at every World Championships and Gold cup For around the next ten years, and he was always one of the first lifters i looked for when i arrived at the venue, to both greet him, and also have him adjust my neck. To this day no one has ever crunched my neck as good as Howard. I have been deeply saddened all day today at the news of Howard’s Passing. He was a mentor, father figure, hero, and out and out great man in my mind. Steve Angell

I met Howard back in 1991 at the worlds and was very impressed with him.At every meet I attended he always helped me out with any adjustments it would take in a 10 lift meet if you know what I mean.Well my story that holds allot of value to me is in 1999 I had knee surgery from a falling off a piece of Heavy Equipment in November and with extensive physical therapy I was able to lift in the 2000 Nationals in May, well my knee was still bothering me and I went anyway I could only go about 80% out a 90% bend.When I got to the meet I had told Howard how nothing was working and he said no problem come over here and stand in front of the wall and put your hands to the wall and push your knees back to stretch out my hamstrings and repeat a few times well I’ll tell you the pain was gone and in a few weeks I was felling great.I straddle deadlifted 501lbs and allot more great lifts and it ended up being one of my best meets for personal records.I use his method all the time and have past it on to other people with knee problems with great results.He was a great mentor and friend and will be missed by all.He was always great to me and my family and the USAWA and appreciate everything did for all of us in the organization.  – Joe Ciavattone Sr.

I first met Howard in 1948, and my first impression of him was “The gentle giant”.  I’ve always thought of him in this way. – Dennis Mitchell

I will always remember Howard’s friendly smile, and how he helped me and many other lifters feel better by giving them those miraculous adjustments before they lifted. It was great to see him last year at the world’s. He was truly at great lifter and a great man. –  Denny Habecker