Lifter of the Month – Dave Glasgow

by Al Myers

Dave Glasgow in action at the USAWA Club Championships.

Dave Glasgow in action at the USAWA Club Championships.

Dave Glasgow has been selected as the USAWA Lifter of the Month for July.  Dave has taken charge of the USAWA Club Championships promotion over the last several years and has done an excellent job.  His club, the Ledaig Heavy Athletics, has a fantastic private training facility that caters to the Highland Games and Weightlifting.  This year at the Club Champs in July there were several other competition conflicts going on which hurt attendance but Dave continued with the promotion regardless.  He could not even find any other Ledaig club members to form the 3-person club team so he took on the Dino Gym by himself!

Dave has been a real leader in the USAWA over the past several years.  He has supported the USAWA through club membership, training new lifters, promotion of meets, writing blogs for the website, and attending several competions per year.  We need more Dave Glasgow’s in the USAWA!! Congrats Dave!

Bill Clark’s Double Decathlon

by Joe Garcia


This meet is a tribute to the old days, before the USAWA, when the double Decathlon was an annual event.

Meet Director: Joe Garcia
Dates: October 10-11, 2016
Time: 5:30 PM each day
Weigh in: 4:30-5:30 each day
Location: Clark’s Gym, Columbia MO

USAWA membership required. Can register with the USAWA at time of meet.

Events – Day 1:
Deadlift, Reeves
Pinch Grip
Deadlift, Fulton Dumbbell, One Hand
Deadlift, Ciavattone Grip
Deanna Lift
Anderson Squat
Vertical Bar Deadlift, 2 bars, 1″
Kennedy Lift
Rectangular Fix, Fulton Bar
Saxon Snatch

Events – Day 2:
People’s Deadlift
Pinch Grip, One Hand
Dinnie Lift
Anderson Press
Vertical Bar Deadlift, 1 Bar, 1″, One Hand
Weaver Stick
Shoulder Drop
Ziegler Clean
Squat, Piper

Awards: none
Entry Fee: none
Entry Deadline: September 20, 2016
Phone: 573-289-3921

ENTRY FORM (PDF) – ClarksDoubleDecathlon

Frank’s BBC RD

By Rocky Morrison

Frank’s Barbell Club Record Day 8/15/2016.

Nice warm day in August in New England, Great day for a team meet… This team meet was not as large as our last team meet with 5 lifters, but we had three very impressive rookies. The rookies all from Frank’s Barbell Club were: Kim Lydon, Tony Patterson, and Mark Raymond. The two veterans were: Rocky Morrison and Frank Ciavattone. We had a few spectators that cheered on the team. Officials for the meet were Jeff Ciavattone, Joe Ciavattone, Frank Ciavattone, and official in training Rocky Morrison.

Kim Lydon in her first competition was very impressive. She left everyone saying “she made that look easy”.

Meet Results:

Frank’s BBC RD
Frank’s Barbell Club
August 15th, 2016

Kim Lydon – Open – 70 Kg. Class

Bench Press 120lbs – 54.4kgs
LH Vertical Bar – 2″ bar 88.5lbs – 40.1kgs
RH Vertical Bar – 2″ bar 88.5lbs – 40.1kgs
Seated Press Behind Neck From Racks 90lbs – 40.8kgs
Crucifix 40lbs – 18.1kgs

Tony Patterson showed everyone why he is a world class arm wrestler. He showed some great grip and arm strength.

Tony Patterson – 50+ (and Open) – 80 Kg. Class

Barbell Curl – Strict 133.5lbs –60.5kgs
Barbell Reverse Curl 138lbs –62.6kgs
RH Fulton Deadlift 190lbs – 86.2kgs
LH Vertical Bar – 2″ bar 190.5lbs – 86.4kgs
RH Vertical Bar – 2″ bar 190.5lbs – 86.4kgs

Mark Raymond was another impressive rookie, I think he surprised himself. Those of us that had seen him lift knew he had a good grip, but we didn’t know how good.

Mark Raymond – 50+ – 110 Kg. Class

Barbell Reverse Curl 100lbs –45.4kgs
RH Fulton Deadlift 177lbs –80.3kgs
LH Fulton Deadlift 152lbs –68.9kgs
LH Vertical Bar – 2″ bar 176.5lbs – 80.1kgs
RH Vertical Bar – 2″ bar 176.5lbs – 80.1kgs

Frank Ciavattone continues to amaze us all. He is the best coach and very strong…

Frank Ciavattone – 60+ – 125+ Kg. Class

LH Ciavattone Deadlift 243lbs –110.2kgs
RH Ciavattone Deadlift 264lbs –119.7kgs
LH Vertical Bar – 2″ bar 155lbs – 70.3kgs

Rocky Morrison did a few new lifts for him.

Rocky Morrison – 50+ – 125+ Kg. Class

2H Straddle – 2″ bar 290lbs –131.5kgs
Barbell Reverse Curl 110lbs –49.9kgs
Deadlift – Stiff Legged 350lbs – 158.8kgs

After the meet Frank and Colleen hosted the team for a great BBQ. Looking forward to our next meet in September.

World’s Banquet Notice

by Al Myers

Denny Habecker, the promoter of this year’s IAWA World Championships, is getting the details worked out for this year’s big meet. Denny and Judy were planning on holding the banquet at their house but due to the number of people attending have moved the banquet to the business All About You Catering. Also, Pennsylvania weather can be unpredictable in October so instead of it being held on their patio outside, it will be inside.  The cost for the banquet is $25, payable to Denny.

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