Agenda for Annual Meeting

by Al Myers

The USAWA National Championships is now less than 2 weeks away!  I’m looking forward to seeing everyone’s great lifting, as well as catch up with news from lifters I haven’t seen since last year’s Nationals. One important aspect of “Nationals Weekend” is the annual National Meeting of the USAWA.  This is the one meeting per year where the major decisions are made for the upcoming year.

The meeting will be held on the day of the meet (June 20th) immediately after the meet. We will have the meeting after the Awards Ceremony so those that need to leave for travel may do so.  However, I would recommend those USAWA members that CAN BE THERE attend as this meeting needs the input of the membership.  The big item on the agenda is the election of officers and Executive Board members.  All positions are up for re-election.  So if you want to get more involved in the business-side of the USAWA, this may be your opportunity to “throw your hat” into the candidate pool and run for office.

Also – if any director is not able to be present at the 2015 National Meeting please forward your written report to me ahead of the meeting so it can be presented on your behalf.

Business Agenda for the 2015 USAWA National Meeting

1. Meeting called to order by USAWA President Denny Habecker

2. Roll Call by USAWA President Denny Habecker

3. Reading of previous meeting minutes by USAWA Secretary Al Myers

4. Report of financial status by USAWA Treasurer Al Myers

5.  Report from Website Director Al Myers

6.  Report from Awards Director Al Myers

7.  Report from Records Director Al Myers

8.  Report from Drug Enforcement Director Chad Ullom

9.  Report from Officials Director Joe Garcia

10. Report from Postal Meet Director Denny Habecker

11.  Report from IAWA Technical Committee Chairman Dennis Mitchell on upcoming IAWA events and other technical issues that are being discussed by the IAWA Technical Committee

12.  Discussion of New Business brought forth by the membership

13.  Accept Bids for the 2016 National Championships

14.  Election of Officers in this order: President, Secretary/Treasurer, Vice President, At Large Executive Board Member, At Large Executive Board Member

15.  Meeting Adjourned

World Postal Meet

by Steve Gardner

2015 IAWA World Postal Championships

2015 IAWA World Postal Championships



Watch out for more details of this exciting IAWA event…the Annual World Postal competition. Open to all IAWA members, generally in teams of 3 but it is for individuals as well as all Weight Class and Age Divisions are recognized in the World rankings results. Just have your lifts performed before a referee (2 if you want to claim any records) and send them in.

The entry forms will go out by end of May and results MUST all be back in by the End of August…Good Luck everyone and have fun…we are hoping to see entries from: Hastings Eastbourne Sunbury Cornwall Devon Leicester Burton Derby Preston Grimsby Glasgow Wales USA Spain Hungary New Zealand and Australia….at least!

ENTRY FORM (PDF) – 2015 World Postal Meet Entry Form


Yearly Award Nominations

by Al Myers

It’s that time of the year again to nominate deserving lifters for the yearly awards!  The USAWA award program was started in 2009 to honor those individuals that displays outstanding achievements throughout the year in different categories.  I have been the USAWA Award Director that entire time and was the one who started the USAWA Awards Program.  Part of the USAWA budget goes to these awards, which means that part of your membership dues support this program. These awards are awarded at the Annual General Meeting of the USAWA, which occurs at the same time as the National Championships.   It is important to remember when “casting your vote” that these awards are for the calendar year 2014 (which is the calendar the USAWA follows for memberships, etc.).  Now for a little “overview” of the rules for nominations:

  • You  must be a USAWA member to make a nomination or cast a vote
  • Nominated individuals must be a USAWA members to be eligible
  • Only one individual may be nominated per person per award
  • Two nominations for each award may be submitted, one for your choice of the Winner and one for your choice of the runner-up.
  • The awards are for the calendar year 2014
  • An individual may be nominated for more than one award

These are the different awards for which you should chose your nominations for:

 Athlete of the Year – This award is for the individual who has accomplished the most athletically within the last year in the USAWA. Top placings at the Nationals and World Championships should figure in high. Also, participation in other Championship  Competitions such as the Heavy Lift Championships, the Grip Championships, the Club Championships, the OTSM Championships, the Team Championships, or the National Postal Championships could factor in.  Participation in elite IAWA events such as the Gold Cup should make an influence on earning this award as well.

Leadership Award – This is for an individual that has shown exceptional leadership qualities within the USAWA during the past year. Things that should be looked at are: going above the level expected of an Officer position, promoting sanctioned events with emphasis being on promoting National or World Competitions, promoting the USAWA by developing a strong club, writing articles for publications about the USAWA, or through other means.

Sportsmanship Award – This goes to an individual who possesses and shows great sportsmanship within the USAWA. The act of sportsmanship may be by conduct at all events, or by an specific example of exceptional sportsmanship.

Courage Award – This goes to an individual who shows the courage to overcome an obstacle in order to return to competition. This may be a comeback from an injury, or just having to deal with difficult personal issues but still shows the courage to compete in the USAWA.

Newcomer Award– This award goes to an individual who in new to the USAWA or has become involved again. It doesn’t have to go to someone in their first year of being involved in the USAWA.

As stated earlier in the rules, I would like you to submit your choice for the WINNER and your choice for the RUNNER UP for each award.  I will score it this way:  for each nomination per award I will give 2 points for the nominated winner and 1 point for the nominated runner up.  I will then add up all the points from all nominations with the person receiving the most points declared the winner and the one with the second most points the runner up.  So you can see that the Award Winners are chosen by YOU THE MEMBERSHIP!   That’s the way it should be done.

Please email me at with your nominations.  The deadline for this is this Friday.  I’m only giving a week because it has been my experience with this is that if a person does not make their nominations shortly after reading this announcement, it never gets done.  So make it easy on yourself  (and me!) and turn your nominations in today!!!!

Nationals Update

by Al Myers

Our USAWA National Championships is fast approaching!  If you haven’t sent in your entry form, now is the time to get that done.  Meet director Denny Habecker has told me that everything is on schedule for a great meet in York.  This year Nationals will be a one day meet on Saturday.  Denny and Judy are planning on having a picnic at their place on Sunday afternoon for all those that want to attend. This will give us a great time to “unwind” after the meet.  The Annual General Meeting of the USAWA will be held on Sunday before the picnic.

Denny has also picked a couple of hotels in York for us.  The contact information is below:

Comfort Inn:

Double Queen and King rooms are available (smoking or non-smoking).

Check-in: 3 pm, Check-out: 11 am.

Continental breakfast included.

2250 North George St., York, PA 17406, (717) 699-1919.

Homewood Suites by Hilton:

Studio rooms are available in this new hotel.

Check-in: 3 pm, Check-out: 12 pm.

Complimentary “Suite Start” hot breakfast every day.

“Welcome Home” dinner buffet Monday –Thursday nights from 5 pm –7 pm.

200 Masonic Drive, York, PA 17406, (717) 434-1848.

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