Past Review of the Heavy Lift Championships

by Al Myers

A project I’ve been wanting to do for a long time is a complete review of the USAWA Heavy Lift Championships.  Well, I decided it’s time to get that project started!

The Heavy Lift Championships is the longest running Championship event in the USAWA next to the USAWA National Championships.  I’ve been delving into a literature review of this Championships, and have meet results dating back to 2000. I have bits and pieces of information prior to this.

I am missing the results from 1999, 1997, and 1995.  If anyone has those results please send them to me so I can get this summary complete.  As far as I can tell the first USAWA Heavy Lift Championships was held in 1995.  The late Dale Friesz provided me with much of this information prior to his death. Before the first official “Heavy Lift Championships” Bill Clark and Steve Schmidt hosted several years of a heavy lift meet, titled the Backbreaker.  I consider that meet the precusor to the Heavy Lift Championships.

I would like to add additional blogs highlighting some of these Championships once I get all the past results.


5/7/2016 Denny Habecker Lebanon, PA James Fuller Cassie Morrison
5/2/2015 Eric Todd Cameron, MO Eric Todd Mary McConnaughey
5/3/2014 Al Myers Holland, KS Eric Todd none
5/4/2013 Frank Ciavattone Walpole, MA Al Myers Colleen Lane
5/12/2012 Roger LaPointe Bowling Green, OH Eric Todd none
5/21/2011 Denny Habecker York, PA Joe Garcia none
11/6/2010 Bill Clark Columbia, MO Steve Schmidt none
5/16/2009 Denny Habecker Lebanon, PA Al Myers none
11/15/2008 Bill Clark Columbia, MO Steve Schmidt none
11/9/2007 Bill Clark Columbia, MO Steve Schmidt none
11/12/2006 Bill Clark Columbia, MO Steve Schmidt none
8/27/2005 Frank Ciavattone Walpole, MA Frank Ciavattone Cara Collins
8/28/2004 Denny Habecker Lebanon, PA Frank Ciavattone Stephanie Meyer
11/9/2003 Bill Clark Columbia, MO Steve Schmidt none
10/19/2002 Frank Ciavattone Walpole, MA Frank Ciavattone Care Collins
11/10/2001 Bill Clark Columbia, MO Abe Smith none
11/5/2000 Bill Clark Columbia, MO John Monk none
12/5/1998 Frank Ciavattone Walpole, MA Frank Ciavattone Cara Collins
10/27/1996 Kerry Clark Columbia, MO John Carter none


World Postal Championships

by Steve Gardner



The IAWA World Postal Championships is performed yearly in memory of Andy Goddard.

The IAWA World Postal Championships is performed yearly in memory of Andy Goddard.

The Entry Forms have been sent out around the IAWA World for the 2016 Andy Goddard Memorial World Postal All Round Championships….results have to be back in for the End of August!! Just in case I have overlooked anyone and you have team or group that would love to take part, then please just download the form here and complete it…and Good Luck to all taking part.

ENTRY FORM – World Post Form (PDF)   World Post Form (Word Document)

Lifter of the Month – Joe Garcia

by Al Myers

The USAWA lifter of the month for April goes to Joe Garcia.  Joe won overall best lifter in the Zercher Strength Classic, a meet that dates back to the origins of the USAWA.  Many great all-rounders have competed in the Zercher through the years.  It is a grueling affair – with 13 difficult all-round lifts contested in a single day.

Congrats Joe!!!

OTSM Championships

by Eric Todd

OTSM Championship Announcement

On September 10, 2016, ET”S House of Iron and Stone will play host to the USAWA Oldtime Strongman Championship for the third time in its six years of existence. Once again, it will be in my tin can, which is an absolutely no-frills facility, but with plenty of iron to set some big records.  In the five previous championships, the title has been won by 4 different lifters.  Come out on September 10 and add your name to that list.  Lifts that will be contested this year are:

Thor’s hammer

Saxon Snatch

Hackenschmidt Floor Press

Dinnie Lift

As time allows after the meet, there will be opportunity for some record breaking. There will be awards for this meet.  Please get your entries in early in order that I can best prepare for this event.  I look forward to seeing you all here on September 10!

Entry Form (PDF) – OTSM Entry

Nationals Entry Reminder

by Al Myers

I just want to remind everyone that the entry deadline for our USAWA National Championships is approaching.  The DEADLINE IN JUNE 11th.  Please send your entry form and entry fees in prior to this.  Frank has gone to alot of work preparing for this Championships and we owe him the respect of entering on time so he can properly prepare.  The entry form is located in the Event Calendar or “Upcoming Events” on the website.

I’m very excited to be going back to Boston this summer!


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