Venue Change

By Al Myers

There has been a change in the venue location for Nationals.  The meet has been moved from Vermilion to Cleveland. The address for the new location is:

West Park Family YMCA
15501 Lorain Road
Cleveland, Ohio 44111

New England Cup RD

by Al Myers


Frank Ciavattone, owner and Club President of Frank’s Barbell Club, has sanctioned a record day at his gym on July 22nd, 2017. Most lifts can be contested for USAWA/IAWA records, but to be sure I recommend you contact Frank beforehand. Below is the contact information for Frank:

Frank’s Barbell Club
204 East Street
East Walpole, MA 02032
Phone: (508)-801-6279

There is no entry form for this record day. The number of lifts for records are limited to three.  There will be a BBQ and awards following the lifting. Contact Frank directly for further details.

World Postal

By Al Myers



The World Postal has been announced!  Steve Gardner has passed along the promotion of this meet to me.  It will be promoted in a very similiar manner to the way Steve has done it the past few years, which has been very successful.  It will still be the “Andy Goddard Memorial”.  Andy was a great friend and supporter of the IAWA and as long as I’m involved promoting the World Postal it will be done in Andy’s memory. As it has been the past few years, the lifts for this World Postal will be the first day lifts of the upcoming Worlds.  Please send your results to me this year (instead of Steve!) at

INFO SHEET – 2017 World Postal Information Sheet

ENTRY FORM – 2017 World Postal Entry Form

Team Championships

by Al Myers


The date for the USAWA Team Championships has been set – August 26th.  I started promoting the Team Championships in 2007, which features “team lifting”, a combination of 2 lifters on a bar lifting the weight together. This makes for a very exciting event as the 2 lifters must be in coordination with each other to make a successful lift!


Meet Director: Al Myers

Meet Date: Saturday, August 26th, 2017

Meet Time: 1:00 PM – 5:00 PM

Location: Dino Gym, 1126 Eden Road, Abilene, KS 67410

Sanction: USAWA Membership required

Weigh-Ins: Noon the day of the meet

Divisions: 2-Man, 2-Person (man & woman), and 2-Women

Entry Fee: None


Pullover – Bent Arm

Deadlift – Fulton Bar, Ciavattone Grip

Deadlift – No Thumbs, Overhand Grip

Registration:  There is no entry form or entry deadline, but please let me know ahead of time if you plan to attend so I can make the proper preparations. I can be reached at

Presidential Cup

by Al Myers


For the sixth year in a row, the now “Annual” USAWA Presidential Cup is being hosted again by our USAWA President Denny Habecker.  This is one of the CHAMPIONSHIP events hosted in the USAWA, and is the Championships of Record Days.  It follows along “the lines” of the IAWA Gold Cup – a lifter picks their best lift and contests it for a USAWA record in this prestigious record day.  After all lifters have performed their record lifts, Denny will pick the effort that impresses him the most and award that lifter the PRESIDENTIAL CUP.  Only one lifter will receive this very important award.   If time allows, lifters will have the opportunity to perform other record day lifts.  So it is a good idea to come with the BIG LIFT in mind, but also be prepared to do other lifts for record if the time allows.

Now a little “rehash” on the Presidential Cup.  These are the guidelines:

The Presidential Cup will follow along some of the same guidelines as the Gold Cup, which is the IAWA meet which recognizes outstanding performances by lifters in the lift/lifts of their choosing.  The Gold Cup started in 1991 under the direction of then-IAWA President Howard Prechtel.  However there will be some differences in the guidelines of the USAWA Presidential Cup:

  • The Presidential Cup is hosted annually by the USAWA President only.
  • Must be a USAWA member to participate.
  • A lifter may choose any official USAWA  lift/lifts (up to a maximum of 5 lifts) to set a USAWA record/records in.
  • The lifter must open at a USAWA Record Poundage on first attempt.
  • The top performance record lift of the entire record day,  which will be chosen by the President, will be awarded the PRESIDENTIAL CUP.


USAWA Presidential Cup

Saturday, August 5th, 2017

Meet Director:  Denny Habecker

Location: Habecker’s Gym, Lebanon, PA

Lifts:  Bring your best lift for record!

Start time:  10 AM,  with weigh-ins before this

Entry Form:  None, but advance notice is required.

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