Lebanon Valley RD

by Al Myers



Our USAWA President Denny Habecker is healing up from his recent heart issue and ready to get back on the lifting platform.  He has scheduled a record day to kick-start his comeback later in the month.  This meet will be held at his own gym, Habecker’s Gym, in Lebanon PA.

Meet Details:

Lebanon Valley Record Day
April 11th, 2015
Habecker’s Gym
Lebanon, PA

Please contact Denny ahead of time if you plan to attend.  He may be reached by email (liftingliar@comcast.net) or by phone 717-272-5077.


by Al Myers

The website upgrade is now complete! I will be spending the next few days updating the new content and reorganizing the site.  There may be a few glitches until everything has been gone through – so please be patient with me till this has been done.

Also – I could use some help with this.  If anyone notices something not functioning well please send me an email about it.  I would greatly appreciate that.  Hopefully all content has been transferred from the previous website, but if anything is missing please let me know so we can get it added.

I especially want to thank Brian Krenzin for his help with this project.  He was instrumental in organizing all of this.


Website Upgrade

by Al Myers

The USAWA website will be undergoing an upgrade over the next 2-3 weeks.  During this time there will be no new material added to the website (blogs, meet announcements, roster updates, etc)  until the new upgrade is complete.  All information on the current site will be transferred to the upgraded site.  There may also be time periods where the website is “down” during this process – just please be patient because before long we will have a new and improved USAWA website!!!!

Parallel Lift Training

by John McKean

Hermann Goerner

Gomers hate Goernor! Yep, those Grumpy Old Men (GOMers) who these days have little to do other than take delight from obnoxious blogging and crabbing on certain weightlifting websites, just detest the many huge poundage lifts that the legendary all-round strongman established during his prime.Though few living were around during the 1920s, our iron game gomers will loudly proclaim that Hermann’s lifts were done improperly,plates or globe bells were hollow, bars were bent for better leverages, etc., etc.. Being this is Superbowl week as I write, I submit that our highly critical WL goms use the same “absolute evidence” to INVALIDATE a lift ( that perhaps hundreds witnessed or was judged good by highly respected officials of that time) as is used by the instant replays in pro football. OK, no exacting vids for proof during Goernor’s heyday, but can ANYTHING,even an old bar, globe,or dumbbell that was used,be produced to reduce stature of one of our historic all time greats? (by the way, Goms, opinions,speculation, and rumors count for nothing!).

I mention the above ,not only to glorify Goernor’s 430 pound Two Hand Anyhow overhead (with kettlebells!), 330 pound right arm cheat curl (you’ll have to read his book for the exact, bizarre technique), and his mind-blowing 727 1/2 pound right hand deadlift, but,rather, to discuss Hermann’s inventive training system. Many have heard of his “chain” warmup where he would move up a dumbbell or kettlebell rack, starting at the lightest weight and progressing to the heaviest ‘bell in the gym. Ole Herm would perform a swing ,then a press, down to a curl, then a final press-all one arm for a single on each event. He often changed the sequence or even the exercises, yet always did a bunch with the individual weights.Yet most all-rounders of today may have missed the fact that “Mr. Mighty” also did “chains” of sorts with his main, heavier lifts!

One passage in “Goernor The Mighty” shows this hard working man doing a combination of various curls, presses, and holdouts for 2 reps each, then increasing the barbell or db weight, going through the same sequence, then usually going through a third rotation. Indications are that Hermann also did this with various types of deadlifts and presses/jerks.

We modern all-rounders could also “chain” certain similar lifts to intensify our efforts by condensing work within a relatively short time frame. For instance, we can put together a routine of rows, hacks, straddles, and, say, one arm deadlifts , starting at maybe 135# for the first round, then progressing up in weight for a single at each of the four events. When a limit is reached on any of the lifts,we merely drop it from the upcoming sequence, until we reach perhaps just a final single by itself on our particular specialty. Not much fuss overall devoted to time wasting, constantly changing weights up and down during a workout ! I’m sure most of our guys can dream up endless amounts of similar poundage, “PARALLEL” all-round combos to sneak in more lifts than formerly possible within one workout!

Most will discover that this “new,yet old” parallel system of simultaneously working several events will supply just the stimulation needed for exciting training during 2015. Heck, ole Al needs to get a bit busier, constantly adding records to the books! And,gees, 50 years from now, we WANT the old Gomers of that day angry over OUR lifts!!

Zercher Strength Classic

by Bill Clark

The only entry was Joe Garcia, age 61, bodyweight 214.  He was injured in the Steinborn lift and could not finish. His lifts for USAWA record – leg press 325, military press feet together 155, two-hand C&J 155, RH deadlift 285, hack 235, zercher 235, heels together deadlift 285, bench feet in air 235, neck 425, Steinborn – failed with 145.   Did not harness, hip, or hand and thigh. His neck, bench and zercher exceeded the records in the current record book.


Zercher Strength Classic
Clarks Gym
January 24th, 2015

Meet Director: Bill Clark

Officials: Bill Clark, Joe Garcia, Steve Schmidt

Bill Clark – Age 82, bodyweight 230.5#
Hip Lift: 771#
Harness Lift: 1078#

David Emslie – Age 74, bodyweight 175.5#
Harness Lift: 1233#
Deadlift – Ciavattone Grip: 290#
Deadlift – Middle Fingers: 170#
Deadlift – Ciavattone Grip, Right Hand: 170#
Deadlift – Ciavattone Grip, Left Hand: 165#
Deadlift – Fulton Bar, Left Hand: 110#
Deadlift – Fulton Bar, Right Hand: 110#
Deadlift – Inch Dumbbell, Right Hand: 96#
Deadlift – Inch Dumbbell, Left Hand: 101#
Deadlift – Inch Dumbbell with 2 Hands: 172#
Deadlift – Dumbbell, Right Arm: 165#
Deadlift – Dumbbell, Left Arm: 165#
Deadlift – 2 Dumbbells: 270#
Swing – Dumbbell, Right Arm: 45#
Swing – Dumbbell, Left Arm: 45#
Swing – 2 Dumbbells: 70#
Curl, Cheat – 2 Dumbbells: 90#
Weaver Stick: 3.75#


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