Poll on Knee Sleeves

by Steve Gardner,  IAWA International President                        

Dear IAWA member:

An issue will arise at the World Council meeting in October 2012 that will need to be decided.  We consider it serious enough to warrant a poll of all members to find the exact strength of opinion  to decide the matter, rather than it be left to a show of hands amongst those who happen to be  present in Salina Kansas USA in October.

The proposal that is submitted from members of USAWA, is that an elastic ‘non supportive’ knee sleeve should be allowed to be worn by lifters during IAWA competitions. (Note: this is not knee wraps, but rather described as a knee cover that is not supportive or aiding a lifters ability to lift more weight).

The proposer’ will put forward the case that it is a knee aide for joint comfort and keeping the knee warm.

A view of conflict with the previous stance taken by IAWA since its inception is that IAWA does not allow any form of lifting aide other than a belt and wrist wraps and knee wraps for front and back squat. And though proposed as a knee comfort or warming device, others might feel this is still a move towards more lifting aides.

If the motion is passed at the Council Meeting in October, then IAWA will announce exactly what the allowable ‘non supportive’ elastic knee sleeve will be, and there will be no allowable deviation from that example allowed.

We want your view please so that we can make an informed decision that reflects the wishes of the majority of our IAWA membership to conform to our democratic principle.

Please return this form with your vote to:

(Steve Gardner in the UK,  Al Myers in the USA, Robin Lukosius in Australia)  


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