Postal Series Wrapup

By Al Myers

The USAWA has 4 postal meets per year (March, June, September, and December), with the last one being designated as the Postal Championships. All these together make up the Postal Meet Series. Each postal meet a lifter competes in generates points for him/her, that total up for the final Postal Series Ranking.

The way the points are generated is pretty simple. I take the overall placings of the meet and then reverse “the count” for the points earned for each lifter. I.E – if three lifters compete lifter number 1 gets 3 points, lifter number 2 gets 2 points, and lifter number three gets 1 point. The Postal Championships is worth “double points”. Obviously then, as more lifters enter more points can be earned for winning the meet, and ALL lifters earn points regardless where they place overall. Just entering will earn points toward the Postal Series Ranking.

Overall there was good participation in the USAWA Postal Meets last year. A total of 22 lifters competed in the various postal meets, which is more lifters than competed last year. The first Postal Meet had 14 lifters, the second had 9 lifters, the third had 11 lifters, and the Postal Championship drew 18 lifters. Several lifters competed in ALL of the postal meets last year and they deserve to be recognized.  These lifters are the GRAND SLAM WINNERS:  RJ Jackson, Eric Todd, Mark Raymond, Aidan Habecker, Denny Habecker, and Lance Foster.

Now for the overall rankings for the 2017 USAWA Postal Series!


1 RJ Jackson 4 9
2 Kim Lydon 1 6
3 Crystal Diggs 3 4


1 Eric Todd 4 46
2 Al Myers 3 42
3 John Douglas 3 41
4 Tony Patterson 1 30
5 Chad Ullom 2 27
6 Tie Mark Raymond 4 26
6 Tie Barry Bryan 2 26
6 Tie LaVerne Myers 2 26
9 Denny Habecker 4 25
10 Aidan Habecker 4 23

Congrats to RJ Jackson and Eric Todd for being the OVERALL WINNERS of the 2017 USAWA Postal Series.  This is RJ’s 5th STRAIGHT Postal Series Champion Winner (2013-2017).  That is an amazing accomplishment!  For ET, this is first time being the Overall Champion of the Postal Series. Eric has been a devoted Postal Meet participant, and always finishes in the TOP TEN each year in the Postal Series.  This year he had an outstanding Postal Series season, being the Best Lifter in two of the Postal Meets (2nd Quarter and 3rd Quarter).  Both RJ and ET represent the USAWA with high class, and are well deserving of the title of Postal Series Champions.

I want to thank everyone who participated in our Postal Meet Series.  This partipation is what keeps our Postals going every year. I also want to mention and give credit to our Postal Meet Director Denny Habecker who makes all this happen.  A full historical archive of the past Postal Meet Series is kept on the website, under “history”.