Quiz of the Week

by Al Myers

Which 5 USAWA members have been members since the beginning of the USAWA??

The first USAWA memberships were issued in 1988.  Since that time, only FIVE have been members every year since.  This is what you call LOYAL membership!!!  These five definitely need recognized – and that is the reason for this quiz.   To get the correct answer you need to give me all 5 correct names.  I will even give you a hint if you want to guess.  These 5 are listed in the 2011 membership roster.  You see – they don’t even wait to get signed up for their yearly membership!

As with all Quiz of the Week the rules are the same:  first correct answer I receive wins, only 1 try per day, and send you answer to this email address – amyers@usawa.com.    The winner will receive a  USAWA Patch!

We have 2 WINNERS!

Last night I received TWO correct answers to this quiz!!!

Joe Garcia and Tom Ryan provided the names I was looking for.  The five USAWA members that have been members since the beginning (1988) are Bill Clark, Joe Garcia, Casey Clark, Art Montini and Dale Friesz.  During all these years, these members NEVER let their membership lapse.   I had lots of people make guesses on this quiz, and I want to thank everyone for their participation trying to answer this difficult question.