REMINDER – Tractor Pull Meet

by Roger LaPointe

“Why do you like the All Round Weightlifting so much?”

Of course I like the competition. I also like variety in my competitions. The idea that I am competing in a lift that was historically significant, if you consider anything that only one or two circus guys performed as significant, is also cool. However, it is more than that. I love the USAWA because of the people.

The lifters in the USAWA are some of the nicest people you will ever meet. The vast majority are also Masters Age lifters and have tons of knowledge. Yet, there are many strength organizations that are potentially huge sources knowledge, but I have never seen anyone hoard that knowledge in the USAWA.

Atomic Athletic is holding the 2nd Tractor Pull Championship Weekend Meet this Saturday, August 18th. I encourage any of our readers to come and watch. I would love it if you lifted, but new strange lifts can be a bit intimidating. I won’t lie about that. Most serious lifters have never heard of a Jefferson Lift. The fact that we will be doing the Crucifix Hold with a pair of antique kettlebell handles from the 1930s, is lost even on my wife. Don’t let any of these things stop you from watching.

Unlike the Picnic we had in the spring, this is a small, more typical, All Round meet. The atmosphere will be relaxed and you can fire away with the questions, just wait until the lifters are off the competition platform…

Remember, it is FREE to watch.

Today is a good day to lift.