Sportsmanship Runner Up

by Al Myers

Dave Glasgow (right) is presented the USAWA Runner Up Sportsmanship Award by Al Myers.

At the USAWA Club Championships last weekend I was able to formally present Dave Glasgow the Runner Up Sportsmanship Award.  I was hoping to keep it a secret till this past weekend in order to surprise him!

Dave’s a humble guy, which makes it even more enjoyable to present him an award such as this. He never thinks he’s deserving of it (and usually has a few choice words for me when he’s accepting his award!)

But he’s more than deserving of it!  After taking part in the Club Champs which he and the Ledaig HA crew promoted, and being treated with such hospitality while there, I thought on the way home how this is how meets should be ran.  Dave is always “for the athletes” first and foremost in any event he promotes.

That’s just part of the reason the USAWA membership awarded Dave with this yearly award.  Congrats Dave!