Steve Angell – Master of the Dinnie Stones

by Al Myers

Steve Angell lifted the Dinnie Stones for 20 repetitions in one day.

Steve Angell, of  Milton Keynes England,  made history on the last weekend of June (June 26th) when he lifted the Dinnie Stones for 20 repetitions in one day.  This is the MOST repetitions EVER PERFORMED with the Dinnie Stones in one day.  Steve has been training for this day for a few months, and had hoped to do 40 reps to mark his 40th birthday this year.  He had the back strength to lift the stones that many times, but his hands couldn’t take the abuse and became torn and started bleeding.  Afterall, he was lifting the stones UNASSISTED, which means he wasn’t using straps, gloves, or any other assistance device which would make them easier to lift.  He relied on the good ole-fashioned HOOK GRIP that helped make Steve superb in the All-Rounds with the One Arm Deadlift.

The Dinnie Stones of Scotland were made famous when Donnie Dinnie picked both of them up at the same time around 1860, and carried them across the Potarch Bridge over the River Dee.   Together they weigh 734 pounds with one stone heavier than the other.  Each stone has a ring handle attached to it. It is said they were used as anchors in the construction of the bridge, and where just “left there” because they were too heavy for anyone to carry away!

Steve is not a newcomer to the Dinnie Stones – he has already been successful with lifting them unassisted in 2001 and 2006. Both of those times he just showed up and lifted them, without any specific training ahead of time.  However, this time Steve spent some time preparing, and obviously it paid off.  He had a couple of setbacks in his training which he had to overcome.  When I asked him about these setbacks, this is what he said, “Keeping my hands healthy was my main concern, as I knew they would tear up on the day.  I had one callous tear about 8 weeks out that healed ok, and I nearly put the whole thing in jeopardy when I put a screwdriver into my hand whilst working around the house.  Apart from a slight infection, fortunately, it did not affect things too much.”

Steve and his "brothers in pain", who also got to enjoy the experience of lifting the Dinnie Stones. Pictured left to right: Stan Pike, Barry Gibson, and Steve Angell

What’s NEXT for the All-Round Weightlifting Legend from England??  It seems Steve Angell has accomplished so much, what more can he do?  Well, I had to ask him this question, and this is what Steve had to say, “As for what’s next? For this year, it’s to drop 30 pounds and work on my conditioning and Tai Chi.   My body can only cope with one big event a year now, as I have beat myself up a bit too much over the years on the All-Round lifts.  Not too sure what my big goal for next year will be.  Maybe to press the Inver Stone!”.

I have full confidence that Steve will accomplish anything he sets his mind to. Steve is very much against drug use amongst strength athletes, and doesn’t mind voicing his feelings on this issue, even if it offends someone.  I really admire him for that.  He is the perfect role model for an up and coming All-Rounder.  Steve is living proof that you can be strong and accomplish your goals, all without the use of steroids.  He makes me proud to be an All-Rounder!!