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USAWA History – 1991 Nationals

by Al Myers

This was the Ambridge Barbell Clubs first promotion of the USAWA National Championships. Art Montini and John McKean were the meet directors.  This meet at Ambridge drew 34 lifters, which is one of the best turnouts in the history of the USAWA National Championships.  Ambridge BBC ran away with the team title, as well as Art Montini taking the overall best lifter award. Steve Schmidt was the top Open lifter with a point total of 2270.1 points.  At 63 years of age, Art ended up with a total age/bodyweight adjusted points of 2500.0.  Frank Ciavattone had the best total of the day with 6105 pounds.  This appeared to me to be a very difficult meet over the course of two day with 3 chains involved – Neck, Hand and Thigh, and the Hip.  Add on other “tough lifts” like the Hack Lift, Steinborn, and the Zercher Lift, and this National Meet could have been the HARDEST National Meet ever!!

Several elite USAWA members made their National Meet debut here – Joe Ciavattone, Bob Geib, John Monk, Rex Monahan, and John Kurtz.


1991 USAWA National Championships
July 13-14, 1991
Ambridge, Pennsylvania

Meet Director: Art Montini and John McKean

Lifts: One-Hand Clean and Jerk, Hack Lift, Pullover and Push, Steinborn, Hand and Thigh, Continental Snatch, One-Hand Deadlift, Zercher Lift, Neck Lift, Hip Lift

Men: Top Ten Placings
1. Art Montini, Pennsylvania
2. Bill DiCioccio Sr., Pennsylvania
3. Steve Schmidt, Missouri
4. Barry Bryan, Pennsylvania
5. Roger Lynch, Massachusetts
6. John McKean, Pennsylvania
7. Jim Malloy, Ohio
8. Joe Garcia, Missouri
9. John Monk, Pennsylvania
10. Frank Ciavattone, Massachusetts

Women: Top Three Placings
1. Jeanne Burchett, Pennsylvania
2. Noi Phumchaona, Ohio
3. Suree Hughes, Ohio

Best Lifter Awards:
Women Masters – Jeanne Burchett
Women Open – Jeanne Burchett
Men Junior – Robbie McKean
Men 20-39 Age Group – Steve Schmidt
Men 40-44 Age Group – Paul Montini
Men 45-49 Age Group – John McKean
Men 50-54 Age Group – Bill DiCioccio Sr.
Men 55-59 Age Group – Dennis Mitchell
Men 60-64 Age Group – Art Montini
Men 65-69 Age Group – Howard Prechtel
Men Master – Art Montini
Men Open – Steve Schmidt