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USAWA History – 2008 Nationals

by Al Myers

(The following meet report was written by Bill Clark in the August, 2008 issue of the Strength Journal, Vol. XIX No. 4.)


Columbus, Ohio, Aug. 3, 2008 – Al Myers won both the open and master classes at the USAWA’s National Championships, but had plenty of competition in what was an embarrassing field of only 11 entrants.

Scott Schmidt, who had lifted a day earlier in the Ohio State Weightlifting Championships, proved to be one tough opponent.  Al used an 1,800-lb. hip lift to total 1,392.5 kilos.  Scott also did an 1,800 lb. hip to total 1,240 kilos. Scott is 55; Al “only” 42.  The age difference gave Al 1,150.0 points to Scott’s 1,115.05.

The battle for third place was a nail-biter.  Chad Ullom,  Myers’s running mate, had lost 50 pounds in the past nine months and came into the meet at 99.7 bwt.  He wound up with a total of 1,240 kilos, matching Schmidt, but a total newcomer, who called two days before the meet for permission to enter, slipped past Chad for the third spot.

Andy Durniat, 28, from Wooster, Ohio, weighed in at 100.5 kg., only 8/10 of a kilo heavier than Chad, then proceeded to make a 1,700 lb. hip and beat Chad by 20 kilos in total with 1,260 and take third in points with 1,064.57 to Chad’s 1,052.14.

Jim Malloy, 67, was the fifth best lifter with 988.21 points.

Andy not only came with a big hip lift, he blew everyone away in the one-hand deadlift – with both hands, no less.  His third lift in the meet was 185.0 kilos with his left hand.  He then continued on with record lifts, doing 195.0 kg. with his right and 200.0 kg. with his left.

If memory is correct, Andy, in his first effort for record, became the first person since Joe Nanny in the mid-1960’s to break 400 pounds with each hand on the same day.

A second newcomer, Don Bisesi, a 36-year-old from North Olmsted, Ohio, lifted in the 75-kg. class and finished seventh overall, primarily because he was not familiar with the hip lift.  That will change.  Don was eager to learn more.

From the absolute disappointment of the embarrassingly small field, we found gold.  Both new lifters have a chance to become USAWA champs for many years to come.


2008 USAWA National Championships
August 3rd, 2008
Ohio State Fair
Columbus, Ohio

Meet Director: Dennis Mitchell and Megan Tornstrom DeFourny of the
Columbus Weightlifting Club
Emcee: Bill Clark
Scorekeeper: Judy Habecker
Loaders: Zach Beadle, Brandon Rhines, Bob Davis, Paul Stey
Officials: Bill Clark, Denny Habecker, Art Montini, Jim Malloy, Dale Friesz, Al Myers, Chad Ullom, Dennis Mitchell, Scott Schmidt

Lifts: One-Arm Clean & Jerk, Pullover & Push, Zercher, One-Arm Deadlift, Hip Lift

Men: Top Ten Placings
1. Al Myers, Kansas
2. Scott Schmidt, Ohio
3. Andy Durniat, Ohio
4. Chad Ullom, Kansas
5. Jim Malloy, Ohio
6. Denny Habecker, Pennsylvania
7. Don Bisesi, Ohio
8. Dale Friesz, Virginia
9. Art Montini, Pennsylvania
10. Dennis Mitchell, Ohio

Best Lifter Awards:
Men Open – Al Myers
Men Master – Al Myers