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Lift at Lou’s

By Al Myers


We are about to have our first USAWA event in New Jersey.  Lou Tortorelli, of Lou’s Physical Culture Studio, is hosting a record day at his training facility. Lou has always been interested in Odd Lifting and the history of Old Time Strongman Lifting.   This first event will be by “invitation only” as he doesn’t want a large group for his first event.  But hopefully, it will be a big success and he will host more competitions in the USAWA.

Meet Director:  Lou Tortorelli

Meet Date: September 23rd, 2017


Lou’s Physical Culture Studio
41 Sweet Gum Road
Howell, NJ 07731

Iron Warrior RD

By RJ Jackson


2017 USAWA Iron Warrior Gym Record Day (RD)

The Iron Warrior Gym RD provides opportunity for local lifters to contest USAWA lifts to include the upcoming 3rd Quarter and World Postals meet lifts. In addition to the Postal lifts, you are welcome to try any 5 lifts for record if there is equipment to support it. No awards.

Meet Directors: Jarrod Fobes, welcomematcolorado@gmail, Denver area.  RJ Jackson, strength_athlete@yahoo, Colorado Springs area.

Meet Date:  Sunday, August 27, 2017

Entry fee: $10 for use of the lifting facility

Entry deadline: If you plan on showing up, you must notify RJ if you plan on attending along with the names of the lifts you are attempting.

Divisions:  Open and Master for men and women

Location: Iron Warrior Gym,1630 West Evans Ave, Unit H., Denver CO 80110

Start Time: Weigh-ins 10:00 a.m., lifting immediately thereafter.

Sanction: USAWA ($25) membership is required.  Membership applications, rule book, score sheets, and Postal entry forms will be available.

Contact Iron Warrior Gym for available equipment. If the gym does not have the equipment you need, contact RJ who may have it.

Gold Cup

By Al Myers



The 2017 IAWA Gold Cup will be held in Glasgow, Scotland on November 4th, 2017.  Joint promoters of this important IAWA competition are Mathew Finkle and Andrew Tomlin.  Both these guys are veterans of promoting meets and have promoted excellent Gold Cups in the past.  I assure anyone going this will be an outstanding event.

It will be a little different this year in Glasgow as the event venue will be different than before.  This year the Gold Cup will be at the Croftfoot Scout Hall.  Matt and Andy have already made plans for a banquet after the meet, held at the Ivory Hotel.


ENTRY FORM (WORD) – IAWA Gold Cup 2017 entry form

ENTRY FORM (PDF) – IAWA Gold Cup 2017 entry form

World Championships

By John Mahon



The time is fast approaching again for the IAWA World Championships. This year IAWA’s premier event is being held in Perth, Western Australia. This will the 4th time that the World Championships will be held in Australia.

2017 is a big year for IAWA as it celebrates its 30th anniversary. The first World Championships were held in 1988 and IAWA has held a World Championships every year since then.

The World Championships is ran over 2 days, traditionally on the 1st weekend of October, and consists of 6 -7 all-round lifts. The lifts are different every championships and it test the lifters over-all strength and power.

This year the championships has 7 lifts over the 2 days. 4 lifts on day one and 3 lifts on day two.


Cheat Curl
One Hand Dumbbell Snatch
One Hand Vertical Lift with 2″ Bar
Bench Press Feet in Air


Clean and Press 2” Bar
One Hand Hack Lift
Straddle Deadlift 2” Bar

The World Championships is a special event to be apart of. It is not a championship for professional athletes. It is a championships for amateur athletes from novice to experienced, junior to senior. No prize money, just a great time competing against and creating life long friendships with other lifting enthusiasts from around the globe. The 2017 IAWA World Championships will be held on September 30th to October 1st. There is no qualifying for the World Championships. To be eligible to compete you just need to be a member of an affiliated IAWA association.

Click here for the ELECTRONIC ENTRY FORM

Entry Form (PDF) – 2017 World Championships Entry Form

For more information on the 2017 World Championships contact the meet promotor John Mahon at jflmahon@gmail.com or allroundweightliftingwa@gmail.com.


By Eric Todd



Date: June 3, 2017

Weigh Ins: 9:00 AM

Lifting starts: 10:00 AM

Entry Fee and Form: None, just let me know you are coming by emailing SalGuimino@yahoo.com.

Awards: None

Where: ET’s House of Iron and Stone, 10978 SW Pueblo Dr, Turney, MO 64493. I will post directions on the forum prior to the meet.  I would not count on using GPS if I were you.  It will take you to the middle of Turney, which is NOT where we are at.  Several souls have tried, and all have failed using GPS.  So use the directions instead. I do live in God’s country, but GPS aint found us here yet..

Disclaimer-If you have not been here before, it is a Quonset hut (looks like a giant tin can). Cold in the winter and hot in the summer.  No running water, so the commode comes in the form of an outhouse or tall weeds, you take your pick. Nothing fancy, just lots of iron for heavy lifting

Events:  You can pick up to five events to set a record in.  No more than 4 judged attempts per event.  WE can accommodate most USAWA events, but not all (like I do not have a backlift).  IF you are unsure, email me and ask.  You can also get your lifts for the 2nd quarter postal judged by certified judges at this meet.

Sanction: You must be a USAWA member to participate. Memberships will be available for purchase at the meet.

Divisions and weight classes: All divisions and weight classes that USAWA offers are available to try and set records in.

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