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Heavy Lift Championships

By Eric Todd

Meet Announcement:

The USAWA Heavy Lift Championship

The 2018 USAWA Heavy Lift Championship will be hosted by KCSTRONGMAN on Saturday, May 5, 2018. It will be at my training facility out in God’s Country, USA.  The traditional 3 heavy lifts will be contested: The neck lift, the hand and thigh, and the hip lift.  I will have my neck lift and hip lift belt available, though they are made for my proportions, so feel free to bring your own.  The Heavy Lift Championship goes back just about as far as any meet in the USAWA.  This is our second time of hosting it, and we hope to do so in a fashion that will uphold its place as one of the most prestigious championships in the organization.  I have said it before (many times) but would feel remiss if someone who has not been before signed up in the hopes of lifting in a pristine facility.  My place is not that.  It is hot in the summer and cold in the winter.  The floor is gravel, and there is an outhouse out back.  However, we have over a ton of 100# plates, and a boat load of assorted change, more than enough for the best of the best hip lifters.  I will post directions on the forum when we get closer.  Do not put my address in GPS; it will not get you here.  Hope some of you all can make it out to make this one of the best Heavy Lifts in history!

ENTRY FORM (word) –  Heavy Lift Entry

ENTRY FORM (PDF) –  Heavy Lift Entry

National Championships

By Al Myers



The USAWA National Championships will be going to Cocoa Beach!

The USAWA National Championships will be held at Cocoa Beach!

The date has been set and plans are underway for this years USAWA National Championships.  For the first time in USAWA history, the Nationals will be held in Florida! The plans for this all started on the trip back from Nationals last year in Cleveland.  After I received the bid for the 2018 Nationals, a young lifter from the Dino Gym, Cody Lokken,  said he would sure like to help have the meet where he is moving to in Cocoa Beach, Florida.  Well, that really got me interested – and now it’s going to happen!

Cody is going to be assisting me with this promotion and will be my “inside man” on location in Cocoa Beach securing a venue location and banquet location.  I will do all the admistrative stuff – collect entry forms, getting tshirts made, awards, etc.

The lifts have been selected and approved by the Executive Board.  The lifts are:

Curl – Cheat
Snatch – 1 Arm
Pullover and Press
Deadlift – 1 Arm
Zercher Lift

It will be a one day event this year.  The banquet will follow the Championships on Saturday.  The National Meeting will be planned for Friday night.  Cocoa Beach is just a short drive from Orlando (1 hour), and if you aren’t driving would be the best airport to fly into. Details on venue location and banquet location will be released at a later time.

This meet would be the ideal excuse to plan a summer vacation to Florida this summer.  I’m working on trying to get past IAWA President, Steve Gardner, to attend to be our guest announcer.  Steve is the MASTER WITH THE MIC and if this can happen will be a special treat for our organization.  So take today, put Nationals on your lifting calendar, so you can enjoy a great day of lifting and spending some time in the sun on Cocoa Beach!

USAWA Nationals Entry Form (PDF) –  2018 National Championships Entry Form

1st Quarter Postal

By Al Myers

The USAWA Postal Series consists of 4 quarterly postal meets, with the grand finale being the USAWA Postal Series.  These Postal Meets may be contested anywhere with the results being sent to the USAWA Postal Meet Director Denny Habecker.  This allows any member of the USAWA to compete in an USAWA competition without the expense of traveling.

The basic rules for entering a USAWA Postal Meet are as follows:

  • Must be a CURRENT member of the USAWA
  • All lifts must be done on the same day
  • USAWA rules apply as outlined in Rule Book
  • 3 attempts allowed with best attempt recorded
  • Bodyweight and Age apply as to the day of lifting
  • Must turn in official scoresheet by deadline
  • Record results on scoresheet in pounds
  • At least 1 certified official required for records
  • May enter with a non-certified judge but will not be eligible for records
  • Scoresheet must be fully filled out
  • No entry fee

ENTRY FORM (PDF) – 2018 1st Quarter Postal Entry Form