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Anchor Press

by Al Myers

Chris Anderson pressing the two 100 pound Dino Gym Anchors after a hard day of Strongman Competition.

This past weekend Scott Tully and the Dino Gym promoted the NAS Winter Strongman Challenge at the Dino Gym.  It was a great day of competition!  Fourteen  very strong guys participated in 5 events – the log press, 18″ deadlift, incline log press, farmers hold, and a keg load  (more info and pictures will be on the Dino Gym Facebook Page).   After the competition I had a challenge waiting for Chris Anderson.  I can always get Chris to “give a go” at any challenge I have waiting on him at the gym!  Last year, he conquered shouldering the GIANT PILL, a 250 pound steel air compressor tank which is shaped like a pill.  Of course I have it painted with a slick black paint to make it a little more challenging.  He did it easily.  This time I had something even more challenging waiting for him.  I recently made two 100# anchors, of which I attached ring handles.  The “test” is to take both of them overhead at the same time, and then pose for a picture.  Chris easily took them to his shoulders, but had some difficulty taking them overhead.  The balance of pressing them is a real challenge as they want to wobble all over the place (and gouge you in the back!).  On Chris’s first try he missed, but then he came back to MASTER this challenge.  I was quite impressed!!