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Welcome Barry to the Club!

By Al Myers

I just got done updating the USAWA Record List and the Century Club.  And to my excitement we have a new USAWA Century Club member, and that is BARRY PENSYL. The Century Club is for an inclusive group of All Rounders who hold over 100 USAWA records. It’s not easy to exceed 100 records in our organization, and often takes many years.  Barry has been working towards this for a long, long time.   His first USAWA record was set in 1990 at the Nationals in Akron!  So this has been a 27 year project for Barry! Big congrats Barry from myself and the rest of the USAWA.

Other than that, there were not any really big changes in the CENTURY CLUB. Our Prez Denny still holds the big lead over the rest of the field in the Mens Club, with a total of 575 USAWA Records. RJ still holds the top Women’s spot in the Womens Century Club and is closing in on 300 USAWA Records.  In the Men’s Club all the top ten members either stayed the same or increased their record count.  In the Womens Club all four members stayed the same or increased their count.  The Men’s Century Club now stands at 25 members with the addition of Barry.  The biggest record “increasers” since last count were: RJ (+17), Denny (+15), LaVerne (+11), and myself (+19).  Not much changed in the overall order – the women’s Club stayed the same and only two changes happened in the Mens Club.  LaVerne moved past THE LEGEND Howard Prechtel to 13th place, and ET moved up a place to 22nd.  One thing had me really concerned when updating this list, and that is that I found a “record error” with Dave Glasgow, who’s barely holding in the Century Club with an even 100 records.  Apparently I had made a previous mistake in the Record List by attributing a record to Dave, when it should have went to his Uncle Kenny!  So I had to made the correction which would have meant Dave had not officially reached the Century Club – but to my good luck I got to add a record for Dave when I added the Strict Pinch Grip to the Record List so he’s still in with his count of 100.  But PLEASE DAVE set a few more so you will no longer be on the “cut line”!

I’ve always been pretty good at predicting who the next Century Club member will be. I “nailed it’ with Barry, and with Eric and Randy before as well.  Now who do I predict it will be now?  My bet is on Dan Wagman! Dan is standing at 90 Records and it wouldn’t take him much work to get 10 more.  But that depends on Dan not going “off the grid” in the near future, which with Dan you never know!  So I’m going to hedge my bet and throw out another name for a future Century Club member.  Abe Smith is currently standing at 91 USAWA Records, and has shown interest in lifting this spring in the USAWA. His odds are very good that he will make the Club as well.

Be sure to check out the latest Record List update.

New Century Club Member!

By Al Myers

Dave Glasgow, the newest member of the USAWA Century Club.

Dave Glasgow, the newest member of the USAWA Century Club.

We have a new CENTURY CLUB member!

I just got done updating the Record List and the Century Club listing and with great excitement, I announce the newest member to the USAWA CENTURY CLUB!!!

drumroll please ……….  It’s DAVE GLASGOW!!!!

This is a great accomplishment for Dave.  Dave has been involved with the USAWA for many years and has been “chipping away” at setting new USAWA records for a long time.   It’s only fitting that he accomplished this great milestone at his latest meet, one in which he hosted at his fine Ledaig Training Facility, the USAWA Club Championships.

Now Dave, let me give you some advice.  Don’t stop now with your record setting endeavors, as you can fall out of it if someone breaks one of your records and you fall below the magic number of 100.  You better keep adding USAWA records to build yourself a little cushion!

Congrats Dave and welcome to the Century Club!!!!

Welcome to the Club

By Al Myers

I just got done updating the USAWA Record List with the recent results from the USAWA National Championships. I usually let 2 or 3 meets go by before I update the online record list, but I wanted to get on this quick for one reason.  That’s because I knew Randy Smith was standing at 99 USAWA records for one year (since last years Nationals) and I knew he had to set at least one record at Nationals to make the CENTURY CLUB.

And that he did, so welcome to the CENTURY CLUB Randy Smith.  And then to my surprise Eric Todd has now made it as well.  Congrats ET as I know you have working at this for a long, long time.  Eric’s first USAWA competition was over 15 years ago in which he first set a USAWA record. With the addition of Randy and Eric to the CENTURY CLUB, the Men’s Club now stands at 23 members.  Not much changed in the Men’s overall ranking.  Denny still holds a commanding lead, over Art and myself.  John McKean stills solid at number 4, and Joe Garcia and Dean Ross are tied at the number 5 spot.  These 5 lifters are the only ones over the 300 record mark. Other changes include Scott Schmidt climbing a spot (past fellow Cleveland native the legendary Howard Prechtel) to number 12, and LaVerne Myers moving from number 16 to 14.  Chris Waterman’s return at Nationals allowed him to add several records to his count, thus moving him up to a tie for 17th.

In the Women’s Century Club, there was a BIG CHANGE.  RJ has finally overtaken Noi for the number one spot, with 271 records.  Many consider Noi as the most decorated women’s lifter in the history of the USAWA, so this is a major accomplishment for RJ.   Congrats RJ as I know you have worked very hard to achieve this. Mary Mac and Susan Sees round out the Women’s Century Club.

(The Trivia Answers blog will be ran tomorrow as I’m still getting responses from those who have taken the quiz)

More on the Century Club

by Al Myers

After updating the Century Club this week I want to reflect on it some.  The Century Club is the elite club of record holders in the USAWA – for those who hold over 100 USAWA Records. I started this several years ago to showcase the super lifting talent in our organization.

I get very excited when the Century Club gets a new member, like this time with the addition of Susan Sees.  As you look down the list you see a line up of current USAWA Hall of Famers and future Hall of Famers. Some of the lifters competed many years before while some are still very active lifters today. A handful have competed during the entire reign of the USAWA  – lifters like Denny Habecker, Art Montini, Frank Ciavattone, Joe Garcia, John McKean, Bill Clark, and Dennis Mitchell.

I keep a list of their numbers from the previous count so you can tell who is currently the most active.  These lifters have increased their record count the most since the previous count:

1. Dean Ross +28
2. Frank Ciavattone +12
3. LaVerne Myers +9
4. Bill Clark +8
5.  Al Myers +7

Dean Ross has been on “feeding frenzy” these past couple of years setting and breaking new USAWA records. Every list he jumps a lifter or two. He now sits in the number 6th spot.  Dean has accomplished this by competing EVERYWHERE and OFTEN across the country at practically every USAWA event.  If you don’t know Dean Ross and you’re in the USAWA you must be hiding under a rock.

Our Prez Denny Habecker still leads the list with 542 USAWA Records. He has a commanding lead and is the only lifter over 500.  At one time I thought 500 records was unrealistic for anyone to reach. But again – Denny has always been extremely active in the USAWA, and the more competitions you attend the more record opportunities you get.  Who knows – Denny may reach 1000 before he’s done!

A few superstars of the past stay constant in their numbers.  Anyone who break’s a Bob Hirsh, John Monk, Chris Waterman, or a Ed Schock record is really accomplishing something. Those guys set their records high.

Now who’s gonna be next to make the Century Club? I have always been pretty good at predicting this. There are several lifter’s getting pretty close.  My bet is on Dave Glasgow (now at 96) and Jeff Ciavattone (at 86) to be the first to get there.  An outside bet would go to Joe Ciavattone Jr. (at 82) and Eric Todd (at 83). Two lifters who have reemerged in the USAWA this past year have chances if they keep after competitions – Abe Smith (at 91) and Barry Pensyl (82).

There’s one lifter who will make it but it will take him a year.  That is Randy Smith. Randy now stands at 99 USAWA Records!  Randy has earned his records the hardest way possible by only setting them at the USAWA National Championships which has been the only yearly USAWA competition Randy has been doing lately. This says alot about Randy as only the main core lifts are contested at Nationals so he’s not picking up easy obscure lift records at record day meets. He’s getting his records on the BIG STAGE.

But with all this excitement there is one thing that makes me a little sad about the Century Club.  That is when lifters fall out of it.  The late Mike “Murdo” Murdock is standing now at 101 (down 3) and probably will be off the list by next count.  Several others have been (or would have been if the Century Club was started sooner) but are not on it now because they have died.  I really feel there should be a honorary designation for these past great lifters.  I can think of several here – John Vernacchio, Rex Monahan,  and Joe McCoy.  This is something Dean Ross proposed to me and I agree with him on it.   I would like a little support from the organization on this idea.  If I get 5 lifters telling me it’s a good idea I’ll make it happen!

Susan makes the Century Club!

by Al Myers

Susan Sees competing in the 2012 USAWA National Championships in Las Vegas.

Susan Sees competing in the 2012 USAWA National Championships in Las Vegas.

I have just updated the USAWA Record List from this summers competitions and there’s BIG NEWS – Susan Sees has just joined the Century Club! The Century Club recognizes lifters who hold over 100 USAWA records. In the Women’s Century Club there are only FOUR lifters who have this honor – 1. Noi Phumchona (260), 2. Ruth Jackson (258), 3. Mary McConnaughey (146), and now Susan at 105 USAWA Records. Our USAWA Record goes way back to the first competition held under USAWA sanction close to 30 years ago.  There have been alot of great women lifters in the USAWA, but this group is the elite record setters.

Congrats Susan!  I know you have worked hard to achieve this and the entire organization is proud of you.

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