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Dino Strength Training Center

by Scott Tully

The front of the newly opened Dino Strength Training Center.

We are proud to announce the opening of the new Dino Strength Training Center at 703 Bishop street in Salina, KS.  This is the version of our training facility that was formerly in Lon Beffort’s basement.   These past 5 years we have acquired so much equipment and training partners we needed a much larger area. We found a commercial space in Salina that is 3200 square foot, with a large overhead door in the back and open lot to train strongman,  GPP, or bbq, with the third being our favorite!  The other interesting thing about the space is that it has been a gym of some sorts for over 30 years, starting out as salina weight training, then bensons, and until recently reps and sets.  This also was the first gym Lon, Mark, Chuck and myself belonged to in Salina. When Chuck and I walked in it looked like someone tossed in a grenade and ran, but after 300+ hours and 3 tons of construction waste removed we feel we have put together a top notch training center for powerlifting, strongman, oly lifting, all around or to just get in better shape. 

We consider this a extension of the Dino Gym in Holland in purpose, as the goal is to come here and get stronger. Our core group is Chuck, Tyler, and Matt Cookson, Lon Beffort, Mark Mitchell,  Al Myers, Stephan Kency, Darren Barnhart, Allan English and myself.  We also have as of now about 30 other members who actively train here.  Our rates are very reasonable:  30 for a single, 35 for a couple, or 40 for a family.  Members also get a key so they can train when they like. We are currently looking at dates to host an all around competition, and will be holding strongman and powerlifting comps in the near future.

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Dino Strength

by Al Myers

Contact Dino Strength for all your weightlifting needs!

It is exciting to announce the latest business venture from the Dino Gym.  Scott Tully, of  the Dino Gym, has started a business catering to weightlifters in regards to lifting equipment, supplements, and weightlifting accessories.  His business is named Dino Strength.  Scott has been involved for several years in a similar business, but now has taken it to the “next level”.  All of the products sold by Dino Strength will be tested extensively by the members of the Dino Gym.  Scott will ONLY sell products that have been tested on “real weightlifters”!  This is to insure that you will be pleased with your purchases. Also, when you call and talk to Scott you will be talking to an expert and not someone just taking orders who doesn’t have a clue how to put a weightlifting belt on!

Below are a few comments from Scott, link to the Dino Strength website, and Scott’s email address.

I am proud to announce the startup of a new business and website.  www.dinostrength.net specializes in Belts, Supports and Wraps, and will be adding some exciting new equipment as well as nutritional supplements in the near future.  Most of the products have been designed and redesigned over the last 2 years, making sure that we have put out the best products for the best prices on the market.  All products are in stock and will ship within 2 business days.  If you have any questions contact us through our site or email me direct at Scott@dinostrength.net.

Scott Tully