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Forum back up!

by Al Myers

Well last night I finally solved the issues with the USAWA website.  It is now back online and working!  The change-over in the website also involved the forum.  I hope all users had their information transferred correctly – but I suspect there may have been some loss of information.  If anyone has issues with logging in please email me and I will get it sorted out for you.  Also – I’ve had lots of problems with abundant “login spammers” and I usually just delete this stuff but if someone has an odd sounding user name and email that I don’t recognize this could get deleted as well.  It’s always best to send me an email when you register for the forum so I make sure your account is approved.

I’m trying to keep the USAWA Discussion Forum “clean” and just for those truly interested in All-Round Weightlifting and the USAWA.  It has been an important venue to discuss topics and current events, and I appreciate everyone who has contributed.

Please take a moment today and post on the forum – just so I know it is working for everyone. Thanks!

USAWA Discussion Forum

by Al Myers

We now have over 100 registered members for the USAWA Website that have access to the USAWA Discussion Forum.  If you are not a  website member yet (which has NOTHING to do with USAWA membership) take the time to join.  All you got to do is follow the instructions given on the website to register, and after I “approve” your registration you are issued a password to “login”.  And this is FREE!!!  By being a registered member of the website, you will have access to the USAWA Discussion Forum, which is the ONLY forum on the internet dedicated to ONLY All-Round Weightlifting.

A few words of advice for the less computer savvy lifters out there.  The password that is issued to you is computer generated by the software of the website.  I do not know what it is – so please don’t lose it.  Once you login with it, you can change it to something that you can remember easier.  Also, if you register and don’t think you received your password, check your spam filter.  This “computer email” will often get lost by the spam filter.  The password has to be used EXACTLY as it is sent to you – so use capitals where indicated and don’t mess up 1’s for i”s.  If you do, it will not let you in.  The easiest thing to do is “copy and paste” it into your login.  And of course if you have any questions, just email me and I’ll help you through it.  I have had to do that for others so don’t worry about it being an imposition on me!

But – all of this “hassle” will be worth it.  The USAWA Discussion Forum contains information about the USAWA and All-Round Weightlifting that is BEYOND what is found in the USAWA Daily News.  You can ask questions if you want, or just read the information available.  Your level of involvement is left up to you.  Often, discussions involve the latest Daily News story,  more detailed information about upcoming meets, or just general talk about training.   I have “loosened” the requirements for the forum compared to what I had previous – now you do not need to post with your real name if you want to remain anonymous,  registration is more visible, and I do not require full disclosure in identity when registering like I did previous.  I am hoping this will encourage new interest.  Of course,  bad behavior will not be tolerated on this forum!

Register now  and join the USAWA Discussion Forum, so you will be “in the know” on the latest news involving All-Round Weightlifting!