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Financial Matters

By Al Myers

After re-reading yesterday’s blog today, it made me wonder if people are thinking the USAWA is “down and out” and needing money!  That is not the case.  The USAWA is very financially sound and has been for many years.  I have been the treasurer since 2009 and we have the same amount of money in our USAWA bank account now as we had then. So if anyone is worrying that the USAWA is going broke – DON’T WORRY.  We are fine and even have a little extra for an “emergency fund” if needed.

Every year I put together a financial report  of the income/expenses for the previous year.  As required by our USAWA bylaws, I present this report to the Executive Board for audit every year.  I think this process is essential as the financial matters of a non-profit organization should not be a secret and the treasurer should be held accountable for doing things right.   I also present a summary of this financial report at our Annual National Meeting.  The membership should know how the money is being spent!