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Improved Forms and Applications

by Al Myers

Thanks to Dan Wagman, there has been an improvement in the USAWA Forms and Applications.  NOW we had PDF’s that have the ability to be edited! No longer will you even have to “hand write” anything when sending in your USAWA applications.  I’m hoping this will help me out as well – because some of you have handwriting as bad as mine.  I’m going to include these new forms in this blog  just so you can see firsthand how nice they are!

These documents  are available on the website column on the left, under “Forms and Applications”.

Individual Membership Application (EDIT PDF)

Meet Sanction Application (EDIT PDF)

Club Membership Application (EDIT PDF)

HOF Nomination Form (EDIT PDF)

Online Store Order Form (EDIT PDF)

Forms and Applications

by Al Myers

This past weekend I made some MAJOR CHANGES to the Forms and Applications section.  These Forms and Applications reside under the top spot on the left hand  side of the website.  Most of these forms were in need of some serious updating, of which I did.  Please take the time to check them out.  There are FIVE major forms/applications used in the USAWA:  Individual Membership Application, Meet Sanction Application, Club Membership Application, Hall of Fame Nomination Form, and the Online Store Order Form.  I included them as both PDF’s and as Word Documents.  The Word Document allows someone to download it, and then edit the form with the needed information.  This is the way I would prefer the forms be filled out.  Most of you have handwriting as bad as mine, and it sometimes seems IMPOSSIBLE for me to read!  I also made the forms much more user friendly.  I eliminated alot of unnecessary information from them.  I combined the Individual Membership Application with the Drug Waiver Form, so now there is only ONE FORM to fill out and sign when applying for USAWA membership.   You would be surprised how many times in the past I have received membership applications and the drug waiver is missing.  I eliminated the requirement of sending in Club Bylaws and the list of Club Officers from the Club Membership Application.  This always seemed ridiculous to me to require this, as most Clubs are like my Dino Gym and we don’t have bylaws!! I greatly simplified the Meet Sanction Application.  Now only the pertinent information is required to fill out this form. 

One last note on this, and let this be a warning.  If ANYONE sends me an old Application from the Strength Journal from now on you will be DENIED MEMBERSHIP.  I went to ALL THIS WORK and I want these new forms used from now on. And in case anyone is wondering, this comment is directed towards  John McKean (I’m just joking ya John!!)