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Fall Classic RD

By Mark Raymond


Group picture from the Record Day.

Group picture from the Record Day.

The meet turned out to be a great success. We had 8 lifters, 3 women and 5 men. This meet had been rescheduled from October 21st, 2017. It was held at Kim Lydons Gym. Everyone shined in their lifts. Although the temperatures were cold it didn’t deter the lifters in any way.

One of the highlights of the meet was newcomer Laura Inglis. She demonstrated enthusiasm, good form, and strength in all her lifts. Laura is a mother of 9 children with a 60 plus hours work week. With all that she somehow manages to maintain a dedicated lifting/training schedule.

Kim Lydon continues to better herself with each meet and displayed an outstanding performance.

Peter Vuono, who has had 4-way bypass surgery and just turned 65 years old, pulled off a record 12″ Base Deadlift at 401 Lbs! AMAZING!

Colleen, Frank, Dave, Tony, and Mark continue to participate and set records.


Fall Classic Record Day
Kim Lydon’s Gym
Canton, Massachusetts
January 20th, 2018

Meet Director: Frank Ciavattone

Host: Kim Lydon

Meet Announcer/Scorekeeper: Frank Ciavattone

Officials (3 official system used): Frank Ciavattone, Rocky Morrisson, Jeff Ciavattone


Kim Lydon Age: 27 Weight: 148 Lbs 70K Class – Open
Bench Press, One Arm, Right 51 Lbs
Bench Press, One Arm, Left 61 Lbs
Clean and Seated Press, 2 Dumbbells 90 Lbs
Abdominal Raise 40 Lbs
Deadlift Dumbbell, One Arm, Left 137 Lbs

Laura Inglis Age:52 Weight: 190 Lbs 90K Class 50+ Masters
Bench Press, Feet In Air 90 Lbs
Bench Press, One Arm, Left 35 Lbs
Vertical Bar Deadlift, 1 Bar, 2″, One Hand, Left 90 Lbs
Deadlift, Trap Bar 225 Lbs

Colleen Lane-Richards Age: 61 Weight: 195 Lbs 90K Class 60+ Masters
Bench Press, Feet In Air 80 Lbs
Bench Press, One Arm, Right 25 Lbs
Vertical Bar Deadlift, 1 Bar, 2″, One Hand, Right 80 Lbs
Deadlift, Trap Bar 185 Lbs
Weaver Stick, Right 2.5 Lbs


Mark Raymond Age: 54 Weight: 246 Lbs 115K Class 50+ Masters
Deadlift , No Thumbs, Overhand Grip 300 Lbs
Deadlift, No Thumb, One Arm, Right 171 Lbs
Deadlift , No Thumb, One Arm, Left 171 Lbs
Deadlift, Dumbbell, One Arm, Right 192 Lbs
Deadlift, Dumbbell, One Arm, Left 192 Lbs

Tony Patterson Age: 55 Weight: 176 Lbs 80K Class 55+ Masters
Deadlift, Ciavattone Grip 431 Lbs
Deadlift, Ciavattone Grip, One Arm, Right 266 Lbs
Deadlift, No Thumbs, Overhand Grip 401 Lbs
Vertical Bar Deadlift, 1 Bar, 2″, One Hand, Right 215 Lbs
Weaver Stick, Right 4 Lbs

Dave Gago Age: 60 Weight: 173 Lbs 80K Class 60+ Masters
Deadlift, Ciavattone Grip 276 Lbs
Deadlift, Trap Bar 295 Lbs
Deadlift, Ciavattone Grip, One Arm, Right 155 Lbs
Deadlift, Ciavattone Grip, One Arm, Left 155 Lbs

Frank Ciavattone Jr. Age: 62 Weight: 292 Lbs 125K Class 60+ Masters
Weaver Stick, Left 7.5 Lbs
Weaver Stick, Right 8.75 Lbs

Peter Vuono Age: 65 Weight: 195 Lbs 90K Class 65+ Masters
Deadlift, 12″Base 401 Lbs

Fall Classic Record Day

By Mark Raymond





Presented by Mark Raymond and Franks Barbell Club
781-801-0947 – owdmr@aol.com

Saturday, October 21st, 2017  10:00am


Frank’s Barbell Club
204 East Street
East Walpole, MA 02032


USAWA Membership Required to participate


9:00am-10:00am the day of the meet


Juniors, Women, Masters & Open


None but please notify Mark in advance if attending.

New England Cup RD

by Al Myers


Frank Ciavattone, owner and Club President of Frank’s Barbell Club, has sanctioned a record day at his gym on July 22nd, 2017. Most lifts can be contested for USAWA/IAWA records, but to be sure I recommend you contact Frank beforehand. Below is the contact information for Frank:

Frank’s Barbell Club
204 East Street
East Walpole, MA 02032
Phone: (508)-801-6279

There is no entry form for this record day. The number of lifts for records are limited to three.  There will be a BBQ and awards following the lifting. Contact Frank directly for further details.

2017 USAWA Heavylift Championships

By Rocky Morrison


Group picture from the 2017 Heavy Lift Championships.

Group picture from the 2017 Heavy Lift Championships.

Frank’s Barbell Club hosted the 2017 Heavylift Championships on May 13, 2017. It may not have been the largest turnout for a Heavylift Championships, but it was great time. We had a lot of laughs (like Joe Jr popping a rivet on the neck lift head gear) and saw some great lifting. It was very impressive to see all lifters exceed the 1 Ton mark.


2017 USAWA Heavy Lift Championships
Frank’s Barbell Club
Walpole, MA
May 13th, 2017

Meet Director: Mark Raymond

Official: Frank Ciavattone

Lifts: Neck Lift, Hand and Thigh Lift, Hip Lift


Lifter Age Group Weight Class
Mark Raymond 54 50+ 241 110kg
Rocky Morrison 55 55+ 261 120kg
Joe Ciavattone, Jr. 23 Open 211 100kg
Joe Ciavattone, Sr. 48 45+ 234 110kg

Lifts (All weights in pounds):

Lifter Neck Lift Hand & Thigh Lift Hip Lift Total Weight Overall Place
Mark Raymond 125 702 1202 2029 4th
Rocky Morrison 402* 802 1202 2406 3rd
Joe Ciavattone, Jr. 552** 1402 1522 3476 1st
Joe Ciavattone, Sr. 552 802 1202 2556 2nd
* - USAWA Record
** - While attempting 752 lbs Joe Jr popped a rivot on the head gear, 
     thus ending the Neck Lift competition. From what we hear, this is the 
     second time he has done that.

After the lifts were complete Frank and Colleen hosted the lifters for a BBQ (and the weather cooperated). I was master chef at the grill for the day (Gordon Ramsey would have been proud).

A huge thanks to Mark Raymond and Frank’s Barbell club for putting on this great event.

Club of the Year 2016

By Al Myers

Every year the USAWA gives out several special awards to recognize outstanding performances.  One of these awards is the CLUB OF THE YEAR, which is for the overall best club in the USAWA.

Unlike the other USAWA awards where the winners are selected by nomination and vote of the membership, the Club of the Year is earned.  It is based on a point system where each club earns points for various involvements in the USAWA throughout the year.  I think this system is very fair – and it makes it easy for me to calculate all clubs point totals. This is the guidelines for which a club earns points:

Club Awards are determined by adding up club points using this 4-Step System:

1. One point awarded to the club for EACH USAWA registered member that lists the club as their affiliated club on their membership application. This designation is also listed beside the members name on the membership roster.
2. Two points awarded to the club for EACH club member that participates in the National Championships, World Championships, and Gold Cup. Points are awarded for each competition, so if one club athlete competes in all three of these big meets it would generate 6 points for the club.
3. Three points awarded to the club for EACH USAWA sanctioned event or competition the club promotes.
4. Four bonus points awarded to the club for promotion of the National Championships, World Championships, and Gold Cup.

Another standing rule is the that defending Club Champion is ineligible the following year, but has the honor of presenting the new USAWA Yearly Club Champion the award.  This was put in place so one club would not dominate winning the award year after year.  The Dino Gym won this award last year, so it’s my honor to announce this year’s winner!!!  Now for the drum roll please……

The winner of the 2016 USAWA CLUB OF THE YEAR goes to …..


Frank’s Barbell Club dominated the race this year for Club of the Year. They generated an unbelievable point total of 59 points.  I will have to do some checking but I don’t think any club has generated that many yearly points before. They accomplished this by having 15 registered club members: Lindsey Beavy, Frankie Ciavattone, Frank Ciavattone, Jeff Ciavattone, Micheal Driscoll, James Fuller, David Gago, Jessica Hopps, Kim Lydon, Cassie Morrison, James Morrison, Rocky Morrison, James Patterson, Tony Patterson, and Mark Raymond.  The club also promoted the 2016 USAWA National Championships under the direction of club leader Frank Ciavattone.

The final standings for the top 5 Clubs are as follows:

1. Frank’s Barbell Club – 59 points

2. Habecker’s Gym – 33 points

3. Ambridge Barbell Club – 12 points

4. Clark’s Championship Gym – 11 points

5. KC Strongman – 10 points

This award will be officially presented at the 2017 National Championships in conjunction with the Awards Presentation.  Congratulations to Frank’s Barbell Club!

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