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The Brothers, Good

by Dennis Mitchell

The Brothers, Good - Walter, Bill and Harry

Bill Good was born May 14, 1910, in Reemstown PA.   He was the strongest of the three brothers.  He won seven National Championships, and competed in two Olympic Games, placing fourth in the 1936 games held in Berlin Germany.  He was the first American lifter to clean and jerk 350 pounds.  He was featured on the cover of one of the earliest Iron Man magazines.  Brother Walter was born Jan. 27, 1908.  He also competed in the 1936 Olympics in the 75 kilo class.  He was also featured on the cover of several body building magazines in the 1930’s.  Harry Good, no date of birth could be found for him, was the best in grip strength, and could do a one finger lift of 450 pounds.  Another of his feats was to do a self loading leg press of 380 pounds, balancing the weight on one foot.  He claimed to be the American Professional Weightlifting champion in 1933.  He also established the Good Barbell Company, and published a barbell training course.  The Good Dumbbell, the worlds heaviest dumbbell weighing 2,150 pounds, at one time belonged to Warren Lincoln Travis.  Bill could do a harness lift with it until he was over 90 year old.  He passed away April 19, 2007. Brother Walter died July 8, 2001.  No date could be found Harry.