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Grip Postal – USAWA vs. IAWA(UK)

by Al Myers

I’m sure everyone is wondering how the Grip Postal Challenge turned out between the USAWA versus the IAWA(UK).  Well, the results have been tabulated and the USAWA won over the IAWA(UK) 258.2 points to 231.2 points.  This was based on the average adjusted point scores of all the lifters entered.  The USAWA points were adjusted to kilogram scores as the USAWA recorded the meet results in pounds while the IAWA(UK) recorded their scores in kilograms. 

This Postal Grip Challenge was initiated by myself and Mark Haydock.  I promoted the USAWA Grip Championships last weekend, and Mark promoted the IAWA(UK) Grip Championships the weekend before that.  We both prior agreed on the selected lifts being the same so this international  postal challenge could be conducted. 

There were many GREAT LIFTS performed in this challenge. But since we decided it would be based on average, that changes things.  A few great lifters won’t win it for ya, as everyone is instrumental in the outcome as their scores are worth just as much.  IAWA(UK) does deserve a consolation prize however, since there were 20 lifters entered in the IAWA(UK) Championships while the USAWA had only 16 lifters entered.   It was great to see some “new faces” entered in these competitions on both sides.  These two meets may end up being the best attended meets for both the USAWA and the IAWA(UK) in the future.

Remember – this is all in fun.  I know both sides could argue that the other side had advantages “here and there” in lift rules and scoring differences.  I know this postal challenge brought several issues “to head” that need to be addressed by IAWA in the future in order to keep consistency between the USAWA and the IAWA(UK).  

Congrats to all lifters that took part in this Grip Postal Competition!!!