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John Wilmot Appreciation Award

by Al Myers

John Wilmot's Award

The strength of the USAWA is made up by the contributions of our membership.  One individual who has made powerful contributions to the USAWA was recently recognized by the USAWA Executive Board and the USAWA membership.  This man is John Wilmot – who spear headed the beginning of the USAWA Postal Meet Series.  John began promoting postal meets within the USAWA in 2007, which eventually became adopted officially as the USAWA Postal Series.  This consists of 4 quarterly postal meets, culminating with the USAWA Postal Championships in December. John’s efforts with this has allowed many lifters to enjoy the participation in these postal meets. After several years of having the responsibility of directing these meets John has stepped down, passing the job off to Denny Habecker as the USAWA Postal Director.

On behalf of our organization, John was sent this nice plaque in recognition of his efforts.  We had hoped to present this award in person, but was unable to make the arrangements.  I recently received this letter from John which I would like to share, “Thanks for the very nice USAWA plaque.  In 2007, I started directing postal meets to continue the tradition of the International Postal Championships.  You helped me by lifting in the postal meets and encouraging other USAWA members to compete.  The postal meets were successful because of the participation of a great group of athletes!  Thanks again, John Wilmot.”

Congrats again John – your contributions have been very much appreciated by the USAWA!!

Lifter of the Month: John Wilmot

by Al Myers

As Tom Ryan performs a big Hip Lift in an All Round Meet in the late 80’s, John Wilmot looks on in the background.

The lifter of the month for September goes to our long-term USAWA Postal Meet Director John Wilmot.  The only USAWA competition held in the month of September was our 3rd quarter postal, the Delaware Valley Open Postal Meet.   Amazingly, since the USAWA Postal Series began – John has competed in EVERY postal meet.  That’s showing quite a commitment to the organization!!!

Congratulations to John Wilmot for being awarded USAWA LIFTER OF THE MONTH for September!!!

Announcement of Postal Meets

by Al Myers

The USAWA Postal Meet schedule has been released for 2012!  John Wilmot has been the USAWA Postal Meet Director for several years now, and once again, has planned a challenging set of postal meets for the USAWA for the coming year.  The USAWA quarterly postal series has been gaining in popularity, with this past year being the most participated series to date.  John deserves a “BIG THANKS” for the work he puts into setting up these postal meets and doing the scoring.  He always sends out nice certificates to recognize  a lifters performance.  And I want to mention this again – entering these postal meets is at NO CHARGE! 

This year’s schedule is as follows:

Eastern Open Postal Meet
March 1st to March 31st

Middle Atlantic Postal Meet
June 1st to June 30th

Delaware Valley Postal Meet
September 1st to September 30th

National Postal Championships
December 1st to December 31st

The rules of entering postal meets are pretty simple: 1. Do all the lifts in ONE DAY only, 2. Follow the rules of the USAWA, 3. Fill out the entry form correctly and send it to John Wilmot, 4. Submit the entry form by the deadline date, and 5. Be a current PAID UP member of the USAWA.  That’s it – pretty simple.  Anyone should be able to follow those simple rules, and if not, find a training partner who is smarter than yourself to do it for you.  You may have anyone judge your lifts to score for the competition, but if you want your lifts to count for an USAWA record, this judge MUST be a USAWA Certified Official.  Also, if you are not a USAWA member your results will be omitted from the websites results when I receive them, so it’s a good idea to join the USAWA before you send your postal meet results to John.

The entry forms for these Postal Meets are available under the heading  “USAWA Future Events”, which is located on the right side of the home page.