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LIfter of the Month -Abe Smith

By Al Myers

The lifter of the month for September goes to Abe Smith. Abe made his return to the USAWA in a big way, winning best lifter in the USAWA Old Time Strongman Championships. The OTSM Championship was hosted and promoted by Eric Todd.  A very strong field of 10 competitors entered this Championship event in the USAWA this year.  Abe has been involved with the USAWA for many years, since he was a teenager.  In his early years he was very involved with meets held in Clark’s Gym.

Congrats Abe on being the USAWA Lifter of the Month!

Lifter of the Month – Aidan Habecker

by Al Myers

The LIFTER OF THE MONTH for AUGUST goes to Aidan Habecker!

Aidan had a great summer of lifting in the USAWA.  He competed in Boston at our USAWA National Championships, and then wrapped up the summer by winning the PRESIDENTIAL CUP AWARD at the Presidential Cup.  I like to see young lifters in the USAWA as I know that will be our future.  Most young lifters are intimidated by the many lifts of the USAWA and don’t want to get involved because of that.  Not Aidan!  I’ve watched him compete many times and he’s always excited about trying something new. He has the best coach as well with Grandpa Denny.  I see a very bright All Round future for this young man!

Congrats Aidan.

Lifter of the Month – Dave Glasgow

by Al Myers

Dave Glasgow in action at the USAWA Club Championships.

Dave Glasgow in action at the USAWA Club Championships.

Dave Glasgow has been selected as the USAWA Lifter of the Month for July.  Dave has taken charge of the USAWA Club Championships promotion over the last several years and has done an excellent job.  His club, the Ledaig Heavy Athletics, has a fantastic private training facility that caters to the Highland Games and Weightlifting.  This year at the Club Champs in July there were several other competition conflicts going on which hurt attendance but Dave continued with the promotion regardless.  He could not even find any other Ledaig club members to form the 3-person club team so he took on the Dino Gym by himself!

Dave has been a real leader in the USAWA over the past several years.  He has supported the USAWA through club membership, training new lifters, promotion of meets, writing blogs for the website, and attending several competions per year.  We need more Dave Glasgow’s in the USAWA!! Congrats Dave!

Lifter of the Month – Joe Ciavattone Jr.

by Al Myers

The USAWA Lifter of the Month for JUNE is Joe Ciavattone Jr..  Joe lifted brilliantly at the 2016 USAWA National Championships in Boston in capturing the BEST OVERALL LIFTER in the Men’s Division.  This is the first overall lifter award for Joe Jr. at the National Championships, who is only 23 years old but is very experienced as he has been competing Nationally for many years at Nationals and other big meets.

Congratulations to Joe Jr.!

Lifter of the Month – James Fuller

by Al Myers

James Fuller in action performing a Hip Lift at the Heavy Lift Championships in York, PA a few years back.

James Fuller in action performing a Hip Lift at the Heavy Lift Championships in York, PA a few years back.

The USAWA Lifter of the Month for May is James Fuller.  James had a great performance at the USAWA Heavy Lift Championships, and won best overall lifter.  Best lifter at the Heavy Lift Championships is a hard one to get, as there are always many outstanding seasoned heavy lifters competing in this meet.   I now consider James as part of this  “seasoned group” as he’s been very involved in many heavy lift meets over the past few years. When he straps on the belts and chains he knows what to do!

Congrats James on being the Lifter of the Month!

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