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IAWA(UK) Hall of Fame

by Steve Gardner

The recent inductees into the IAWA(UK) Hall of Fame - John Gardner, Andy Tomlin, Chris Bass, and Mark Haydock

The recent inductees into the IAWA(UK) Hall of Fame – John Gardner, Andy Tomlin, Chris Bass, and Mark Haydock

The 8th Bi Annual IAWA(UK) Hall of Fame Induction Dinner:
On Saturday 7th November a group of 50 converged on Branston Golf Club at Burton to witness the event and to support the 4 new Inductees: Mark Haydock, Andrew Tomlin, John Gardner and Chris Bass. There were 30 active IAWA(UK) members present including 8 current inductees and the 4 new impending members. To say it was a very special evening for all involved is an understatement, and shows how the family light of IAWA continues to shine brightly….before dinner the audience were treated to some weightlifting entertainment as 6 lifters set about 5 World Records. Victoria Eaglefield was successful with a new ladies Deadlift record of 130 kilos in the Open 90 kilo class. Rory Hoad was a record breaker too taking the 80 kilo mens open record to 65 kilos in the seated Dumbells Press, Webster Reid pulled off an amazing Bench Press hitting first 200 kilos and then 205 kilos in the Open 125+ Division. Josh Davidson smashed the Open Deadlift Bodyweight Reps record with 55 repetitions with 105 kilos and Matt Jones and Chloe Brennan finished with a super record in the 2 man mixed Deadlift, pulling 300 kilos for another super new record….Well done to all, you were a credit to yourselves and IAWA(UK), and thank you to Pete Tryner Chris Findon and Steve Moss who did the loading and catching for them. The Entertainment section was completed by Frank Allen. performing a short dance routine with his partner (who was a life size doll)…Britains got talent has nothing on IAWA Lol!…After Dinner the presentations took place to our 4 new inductees. Graham Saxton made the speech and made the presentation to John Gardner, James Gardner made the speech and presentation to Mark Haydock, Frank Allen made the speech and presentation to Chris Bass and William Wright made the speech and presentation to Andy Tomlin. It was all very moving and well put over, greeted with warm appreciation by the inductees and the audience. A moment was also taken to remember those inducted members who are no longer with us. I will put photos up and report further on the evening in due course, but for now well done everyone on a super special evening!

IAWA World Insights

by Al Myers

Mark Haydock preparing to lift 300 kilograms in the Straddle Deadlift at the 2015 IAWA World Championships in Glasgow, Scotland.

Mark Haydock preparing to lift 300 kilograms in the Straddle Deadlift at the 2015 IAWA World Championships in Glasgow, Scotland.

I’ve spent a little time yesterday updating the history archives on the USAWA website.  Time goes by faster than I’d like, and it’s easy for me to forget to add the new “history”.  I knew I needed to add the 2015 IAWA World results, but then noticed I had forgotten to add the 2014 results!  Now everything is up to date in that section at least.

But as I was updating this important historical information, it made me think about all the IAWA history that we have accumulated.  The 2015 Worlds in Scotland marked the 28th Championship, all starting by Frank Allen’s promotion of the FIRST IAWA Worlds in 1988.  I remember that first Championship very well as my brother-in-law Bob Burtzloff attended it and he told me all about it upon his return.  Hard to believe that 27 World Championships have been held since, and let me emphasize this – WITHOUT A MISSED YEAR!  That’s a great accomplishment for IAWA and something we should be proud of.

But back to the questions that were “on my mind” as I was updating the archives.  Some I knew the answers to but some I did not so I had to do a little research.  I would like to share this information, as I’m hoping at least a few might be interested.

Who has promoted the most IAWA World Championships?

I named 3 of the 5 without looking.  But here is the list of the SUPER PROMOTERS in IAWA, all of which you will recognize as “movers and shakers” in the organization. Each one of these promoters has promoted 3 IAWA World Championships.

1.  Frank Ciavattone – 1993, 2000, 2014
2.  Denny Habecker – 2002, 2005, 2009
3.  Steve Gardner – 1994, 2004, 2008
4.  Willie Wright – 1990, 1996, 2001
5.  John Vernacchio – 1989, 1991, 1997

Which men lifters have placed in the top ten overall the most times? And women lifters in the top three?

The GREAT Frank Allen leads this list by a large margin.  He has placed in the top ten 18 times, with being the overall Best Lifter twice (1993 & 1994).   I believe Frank has only missed 2 of the 28 years competing in Worlds!  Steve Andrews and Denny Habecker are tied for second here with 13 appearances in the TOP TEN.

Noi Phumchaona leads the women, with 11 times making the TOP THREE.  Karen Gardner is next at 6 times, followed closely by Agnes McInally.

Which IAWA Worlds had the most lifter participation?

I would not know this answer if Steve Gardner hadn’t shared his IAWA World Championship history information with me.  This was something I hadn’t kept track of  – so I’m glad Steve knew!

It’s a tie. The most were 51 lifters which attended the 1991 Worlds in Philidelphia promoted by John Vernacchio and at the 2000 Worlds promoted by Frank Ciavattone.

Who has won the most Overall Men’s Best Lifter Awards?

Of the 28 Worlds, a total of only 16 men have won the overall best lifter so that tells you that some lifters are repeat performers.  The man who has won the most is Rick Meldon of England, who has FOUR overall Best Lifter Awards (1990, 1992, 2004, 2008).  Two lifters have won the BIG SHOW three times – Steve Angell and Mark Haydock.

Who has won the most Overall Women’s Best Lifter Awards?

Noi Phumchaona leads the list with 4 (1995, 1996, 1997, and 1999).   She is followed by a large group that have three – Paula Thompson, Jackie Simonsen, Agnes McInally, and Monica Cook.

Off all these Championships, who had the LARGEST margin of victory for Overall Best Lifter?

Now this took some time to figure out! I really expected Steve Sherwood’s margin of victory over me in the 2011 Worlds in Australia to be the leader, as he really distanced himself from the field that day by lifting brilliantly.  But it’s NOT the largest margin of victory as I’ve looked back over all past Championships.  Here’s the breakdown of the top 5 for the men…

1.  1995 –  Bob Hirsch over Frank Allen by 122 points
2.  1991 – Adrian Blindt over Frank Allen by 90 points
3.  2008 – Rick Meldon over Steve Andrews by 85 points
4.  2015 – Mark Haydock over James Gardner by 83 points
5.  2011 – Steve Sherwood over Al Myers by 79 points

Breakdown for the top 5 for the women:

1.  1990 – Anette Blindt over Noi Phumchaona by 285 points
2.  2006 – Mandy Hughes over Sandie Gurney by 236 points
3.  2012 – Ruth Jackson over Paula Thompson by 192 points
4.  1994 – Jacqueline Simonsen over Noi Phumchaona by 167 points
5.  1993 – Jacqueline Simonsen over Noi Phumchaona by 159 points

Which World Championships have been decided by the CLOSEST margin of victory for overall best lifters?

Again, I really expected to be part of the closest defeat as well, after Mark Haydock “clipped me” at the 2009 Worlds by 1.2 points!  Mark is a brilliant strategist and knew exactly what he needed on his last attempt Zercher that day which he made.  But looking back in our IAWA history I found this NOT to be the closest margin of defeat for overall best lifter.  Now the top 5 for the men:

1.  1999 – Mike Archer over Frank Allen by .19 points!
2.  2009 – Mark Haydock over Al Myers by 1.2 points
3.  1997 – Bob Hirsch over James Dundon by 10 points
4.  1998 – Keith Murdie over Neil Abery by 12 points
5.  2010 – Chad Ullom over Al Myers by 16 points

For the women:

1.  1991 – Suzanne Brooker over Annette Blindt by 1 point!
2.  2000 – Monica Cook over Noi Phumchaona by 13 points
3.  1998 – Agnes McInally over Tracy Emmerson by 17 points
4.  2013 – Paula Thompson over Jenn Tibbenham by 18 points
5.  1999 – Noi Phumchaona over Monica Cook by 34 points

Now, my final question.  Which poor sap has the most runner up, or second place finishes for the overall best lifter award, who had the big victory in sight but fell up short and will be reliquished to a placing that no one will ever care to remember?

That would be me (4 times – 2007, 2009, 2010, & 2011).  Sigh…..

World Championships

by Steve Gardner

IAWA World Championships – Accrington, England 2013

Mark Haydock, Best Overall Open Lifter and Best Overall Male Lifter with IAWA President Al Myers (left picture). Paula De La Mata, Best Overall Female Lifter with IAWA President Al Myers (right picture).

Right, I don’t know where to start…so much to report on… this had to be one of the best IAWA World Championships ever! Sorry that with illness and injury problems Gary Ell and Mark Rattenberry didn’t make it but they would sure have been proud of their young team mate, Junior lifter Jevan Cockbain who was great. In the Junior ranks young Connor Mansell was also outstanding! Mark Haydock and his team of support headed up by wife Sam, put on an amazing championships, full marks guys, and also Dean Kent and Exertrain who provided equipment etc all in all a great job.

Dan Butterworth and his partner Andy Milner were ace on the platform loading every lift over the weekend, and the other platform was looked after by a rotation of the lifters, I have never known so many to volunteer to help and get stuck in – a credit to IAWA. The referees were diligent and ever keen to take position when asked in the hot seats, we used 21 officials this year, 17 in the chairs, 1 as Technical Officer and Drug Tester (many drug tests carried out and Technical issues addressed – well done Frank Allen) and 3 working the scoring announcing table. I was so impressed with my assistant on the MC Announcing / recording task, I have had a lot of experience of handling 2 platforms at the same time, but Al Myers, our IAWA President, from Kansas USA took to the task like a ‘good un’ and made my job easier and well done again Al! Chris Bass was on top of his game with all the figures and records on his computer, he was a great aid to the lifters throughout the weekend! We had a great young man named Ollie Melidoni in action all weekend providing a great service for sport massage and injury / strain treatment. Everyone commented on his friendly and professional approach to the job, he doesn’t know it yet but  he will be adopted by IAWA and we hope to see him at future events!

As for the lifting…where to start? on a personal note, some of the most exciting moments for me were: Timo from Finland with an amazing World Record Vertical pull on the 2 inch bar, Paul Barrette pulling the 250 kilos on the Trap Bar for a record at 70 kilos bodyweight, John Kavanagh with his 65 kilos Dumbell Clean and Jerk (also Sam Trew on that lift) Jenn Tibbenham on the Squat, new World Record, my son James taking the World Record with 260.5k, Mark Haydock with his 342.5 Trap Bar – heaviest ever! the list is endless, of course I was overjoyed for the lifters from my club who I have worked hard with over the last 8 weeks and it was magic to see them come through: my son James, Paula and Graham taking World titles and Luke Davis with a super performance and taking a runners up spot (it will be there for you if you keep working like you do Luke)

On a general note, I was so impressed with all of the lifters, it really was an outstanding weekend, The Scotland team did a great job! the lifters from Spain were great and took a bagful of records home with them as did the Australian team – excellent guys, just cant say enough, our friends from the USA stalwarts like Denny Habecker and Art Montini – hey what about it Art Montini 85 years of age, a role model to us all. and the other Nations represented too for Ireland, Pakistan and Finland – just amazing! The lifters from across England came together for a great display, and the Metamorfit Club from the South East bringing 7 lifters along to have a great time, full of enthusiasm – just great. Well done to all, each and every one who made the effort to be there. More info and results to follow soon!!!


World Champs 2013 Day1         World Champs 2013 Day2       

World Champs 2013 Both Days

World Championships

by Al Myers

2013 IAWA World Championships

Mark and I enjoying some "beach time" on Scarborough Beach near Perth, Western Australia, while there for the 2011 IAWA World Championships.

The entry form and meet details have been released for the 2013 IAWA World Championships.  Mark Haydock, of Preston, England, will be this year’s meet director and host.  Mark runs an all round club, the Houghton Barbell Club. Mark has been very involved in IAWA and has attended many World Championships.   He was the Overall Best Lifter in the 2009 Championship in Lebanon, PA.

All it takes for a USAWA member to enter the IAWA World Championships is to be a USAWA current member.  There are NO pre-meet qualifications to enter. Just fill out the entry form completely and send it to Mark, then book your flight to England.  That’s it! The entry deadline is August 31st.

The meet is a two day meet (Saturday October 5th & Sunday October 6th).   In the Info Sheet Mark has given several suggestions for places to stay.  The lifts for the World Championships are:


Clean and Press

Continental Snatch

Pullover – Straight Arm

Vertical Bar Deadlift – 1 Arm, 2″, One Hand



Clean and Jerk – Dumbbell, One Arm

Deadlift – Trap Bar

ENTRY FORM (PDF) – 2013 IAWA World Championships Entry

INFO SHEET (PDF) –  2013 IAWA World Championships Info

Hoghton Barbell Club Victorious!

by Al Myers

Mark Haydock, the leader of the Hoghton Barbell Club, performing a 272.5 kg Squat at the 2012 IAWA Gold Cup in Glasgow, Scotland. Spotters include Chad Ullom (left), Alex Rigbye (center), and Steve Angell (right).

The Dino Gym was issued a challenge from the Hoghton Barbell Club of Preston, England in last weekend’s Dino Gym Challenge. Well, the results are in and have been tabulated and the Hoghton Barbell Club has came out victorious! Congratulations to the Hoghton Barbell Club!  This “challenge” was mentioned several times on Saturday and I’m sure it pushed the Dino Gym members to greater lifting numbers.  I’m very proud of the Dino Crew and their lifting in the Dino Gym Challenge, however, it just wasn’t quite enough to overcome the powerful Hoghton club.  The finish was pretty close though:  1. Hoghton BB Club 4287.7 points, 2. Dino Gym 4126.3 points.  The only “consolation prize” the Dino Gym got was that in total pounds lifted the Dino Gym had 5237 pounds to Hoghton’s  4961 pounds.

It was agreed beforehand that the points of the top three performers of each club would be added together to form the TEAM SCORE.  The Hoghton Club consisted of Josh Haydock, Alex Rigbye, and Mark Haydock.  The scoring members of the Dino Gym were Alan English, Scott Campbell, and Mark Mitchell.  Other Dino Gym members that competed in the Challenge were Darren Barnhart, Scott Tully, Dean Ross, Ben Edwards, and Chuck Cookson.

The leader of Hoghton Barbell Club, Mark Haydock, sent this note to me when he sent me his club’s results:

A brief report on todays lifts, the squat went really well, all three of us hit personal best lifts I was 6kg up on training, Josh was 30kg up, and Alex was 90kg up!! The press was a bit of a damp squid and we didn’t really feel it was much different to a normal bench press. Josh and Alex were slightly up on the deadlift poundages and finished their days lifting with a smile on their faces, but with sore bodies! I only took 2 deadlift attempts, both were very strong pulls but I am currently nursing a strained finger injury and my grip is compromised at the moment, I made both lifts with a double overhand hook grip. We will be waiting with baited breath to see how we drop into the total set of results…     Thanks Mark H

I think it is worth pointing out that Mark Haydock performed a 917 pound Anderson Squat!  That’s a big lift!!!!  Again, congrats to the Hoghton Barbell Club for winning this challenge.   The next time I see ya Mark, I’ll have those Dino Gym T-shirts to “pay up” the bet!!!!!


Lifts: Anderson Squat, Hackenschmidt Floor Press, Peoples Deadlift

1.  Hoghton Barbell Club – 4287.7 points

Josh Haydock 22 80.0kg 642 264 440 1346 1293.8
Alex Rigbye 24 92.0kg 751 313 610 1674 1484.2
Mark Haydock 37 118.0kg 917 341 683 1941 1509.7

2.  Dino Gym – 4126.3 points

Mark Mitchell 52 316# 672 365 624 1661 1329.4
Scott Campbell 38 287# 881 325 654 1860 1378.8
Alan English 29 231# 694 320 702 1716 1418.1

NOTES:  BWT is bodyweight.  TOT is total pounds lifted.  PTS are adjusted points corrected for age and bodyweight.

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