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Minnesota Meet

by David Dellanave


Group picture from the Minnesota All Round Meet. (front left to right): Jen Sinkler, Jenn Halvorson (back left to right): Jeff Nolan, David Dellanave, Josh Freeman, Adam Glass, Joe Goodin, Al Myers, Mike Murdock

It might be fair to say that the theme of this meet was the unexpected. As of Monday, I knew we had a pretty small contingent of lifters signed up. Then I unexpectedly got an email from Al Myers saying he was coming up for the weekend! I thought, great, we are barely going to have a show and the boss is coming to inspect. Needless to say I was a little worried.

I could not have known that we would have such a great meet that Saturday.

We had a total of 9 lifters, 7 guys and 2 ladies. Between them a total of 18 records were set, including at least 1 IAWA world record that I’m aware of. Talk about unexpected.

The events were contested in this order: Axle Clean & Push Press, Dumbbell Snatch, Bent-Over Row, Jefferson Lift, and Dinnie Lift.

Axle Clean and Push Press was relatively uneventful, with everyone putting up respectable numbers. Al Myers won that event with 233, followed by Adam T. Glass and David Dellanave tied with 213. For the ladies, Jen Sinkler edged out Jenn “With 2 N’s” Halvorson with 142 over 137.

Next up, Adam T. Glass pipped Al Myers in the Dumbbell Snatch with 135 over Al’s 130. David Dellanave lagged behind with 120. Jen Sinkler posted a record-setting 75lb to beat Jenn Halvorson’s 60lb snatch.

The Bent Over Row proved to be an unexpectedly difficult event to perform and judge with contest criteria. Adam T. Glass took top honors, and a record, with a 300lb row, followed by Al Myers with 275lbs. Jenn Halvorson edged out Jen Sinkler in this event with 135 to 125lbs. Joe Goodin also took a 95kg class record with 225lbs.

The Jefferson lift brought an unexpected honor for myself, David Dellanave. I did not know if I would be able to compete this weekend because I was planning to be the sole judge. As such I hadn’t prepared specifically for competition. However, as I tested it out the bar felt light and I was able to go on to break a USAWA & IAWA record with 605lbs. Al Myers followed with 550lbs in this event. On the women’s side, Jen Sinkler also broke a USAWA record with a big double-bodyweight 300lbs pull.

Finally, the Dinnie Lift brought another unexpected element. Loading different weights within 75% of each other proved to be a time consuming hassle. In the end, Adam T. Glass was able to produce an impressive and record-breaking 822lb Dinnie Lift. Al Myers took advantage of the score situation to beat out David Dellanave with a 664lb lift to win the meet. Dellanave’s 619lb lift was also a USAWA record breaker.

After the official meet events, Adam T. Glass went on to break the 2″ Vertical Bar (Right) record with 253lbs and the Pinch Grip (Two Hand Pinch) with 204lbs.

All in all, the meet was a blast and sets the stage for growing USAWA in Minnesota. If you want to come out and compete, contact The Movement Minneapolis today to find out how you can participate. http://www.movementminneapolis.com/


Minnesota All Round Meet
The Movement Minneapolis
Minneapolis, MN
March 3rd, 2012

Meet Director: David Dellanave

Officials: Al Myers, Mike Murdock, David Dellanave

Lifts: Jefferson Lift, Snatch – Dumbbell One Arm, Clean and Push Press – Fulton Bar, Bent Over Row, Dinnie Lift


Lifter Age BWT Jeff DB Sn C&PP Row Dinn Total Points
Jenn Halvorson 33 152 275 60R 137 135 474 1082 1141.5
Jen Sinkler 33 148 300 75R 142 125 350 992 1066.2


Lifter Age BWT Jeff DB Sn C&PP Row Dinn Total Points
Al Myers     45 250 550 130R 233 275 664 1852 1557.2
David Dellanave 28 203 605 120R 213 195 619 1752 1552.5
Joe Goodin 30 205 425 95L 173 225 534 1452 1279.7
Adam Glass 29 225 0 135R 213 300 822 1470 1231.6
Josh Freeman 32 177 325 70R 127 185 440 1147 1100.1
Jeff Nolan    27 232 250 70R 107 135 350 912 751.8
Mike Murdock 72 234 220 40L 117 210 0 587 640.7


NOTES: BWT is bodyweight in pounds. All lifts recorded in points. Total is total pounds lifted. Points are adjusted points for bodyweight and age.


Jeff Nolan – Jefferson Lift: 270#
Jeff Nolan – Snatch Dumbbell Right Arm: 80#
Al Myers – Bent Over Row: 305#
Adam Glass – Bent Over Row: 320#
David Dellanave – Pinch Grip: 154#
Adam Glass – Pinch Grip: 204#
Adam Glass – Vertical Bar Deadlift 1 Bar 2″ Right Hand: 253#